Special Interview with MMBALMUN: “From Past to Today, from Today to the Future”

1. Hello MMBALMUN 2018 Team, Could you please tell us more about Academic and Organization Team Members?

Both our Academic and Organization Team members are passionate, hardworking and ambitious. They are working so hard in order to provide our participants with the best experience possible.
Organization Team is trying to create the best environment for Academic Team to simulate the committees and to keep our distinguished participants entertained with social events.
Academic Team is working hard to simulate the committees in the most realistic way and provide our participants with fruitful debates.


2. Could you please tell more about Muhittin Mustafa Böcek Anatolian High School and the most beautiful places to visit in Antalya?

Antalya is a great city with lots of beautiful places. We would recommend our participants to visit Antalya Marina, Old Town and the Işıklar Street since all three of them are walking distance to our venue and hotel.
Muhittin – Mustafa Bocek Anatolian High School is a public school located in Konyaaltı, Antalya city that gives general secondary education. It started teaching in 2015 and has a 1000 students capacity. Currently, there are 850 students enrolled.

3. Here it comes the most important part! We are all excited to learn about your MUN career. How did your MUN career start? How many students are there in your MUN club? How often do you organize meetings? Who is your guidance teacher? We would be so happy to hear your MUN adventure!

We are a new school when we consider the fact that we haven’t even completed our fourth year. We still do not have any graduates. This is going to be our very-first conference and this as a massive success for both our school and for us. MMBALMUN Club’s first seeds were planted a year ago when six of our students attended their first conference. And this year another group of students has given a start to their MUN career, our Secretary-General Eray Akın was one of them. For the time being, there are 30 members in our MUN club. They all are very enthusiastic and willing to be a part of the MUN world. Our Secretary-General Eray Akın collaborates with the clubs president and simulates 45 minutes long sessions once every two weeks in order to help our first-timers to prepare for their first conference. This simulation does not only helps to our first timers, at the same time our chair, admins and rapporteurs get to practice for MMBALMUN’18. And our guidance teacher Fadime Sezgek helps our club in every aspect that she can.


4. We would love to hear more about the theme of the conference “From Past to Today, from Today to the Future”.

Our Secretary-General Eray Akın was very selective over the conference theme since he believed that it had to be something that will grasp everything that is going around the world for the time being. We believe our conference theme stands for many things. First, with JCC committee we aim to show how past affects our present. Agenda item of JCC is “Reform” which is a battle against the corrupted religious beliefs. This committee shows how much past actions affect our present especially the actions that have been taken on time. Futuristic SPECPOL is another committee we have that deals with an agenda item, “Colonization of Mars.”. It’s a futuristic committee. The world is dying because of humanity’s past actions. And this committee gives a glimpse of what one day we may have to face tomorrow. The other two committees that we have, UNODC and SOCHUM deal with contemporary problems that we are facing right now. And these committees are aiming to show that all we have is present and we can only act now.

6. There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to choose the MUN conferences they want to attend and everybody looks for a good reason. So, why should people attend MMBALMUN 2018?

We do not believe there are good conferences and bad conferences except few exceptions. We only believe that balance between the Organization and Academic differs from one conference to another. Some conferences are a little more organization focused while others are a little more academic focused but we believe that our conference is a well-balanced conference that everyone can enjoy.

7. We would love to hear more about your social events and MUN parties?

Our organization team has planned one main social event and a second social event for those who will be accommodating in the hotel. Our main social will be a Black Widow themed after-party. And our special social which is for those who accommodate is a slumber party. Aside from our socials, there will be many games in order to create the right environment for our participants to socialize.

8. Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

We believe MUNTurkey is an organization that is vital for MUN Society in Turkey. It’s important for us conferences to advertise and learn about the conferences from all around Turkey. MUNTurkey is the heart of Turkey’s MUN Society and we believe it will stay that way since it does not only assists students’ self-improvement it improves itself along the way by providing us with a variety of choices and platforms that we can enjoy.


1. When and where will the MMBALMUN 2018 happen?
MMBALMUN 2018 will take place in Antalya Bilim University Downtown Campus between the dates 9-11 June.

2. How much is the fee for the conference?
We divided application period into three;
Delegate Fee: Early Application 65TL / Regular Application 75TL / Late Application 85TL
Delegation Fee: Early Application 55TL / Regular Application 65TL / Late Application 75TL
Administrative Staff: All periods 45TL
Observer: All Applications 35TL

3. How many participants will there be at the MMBALMUN 2018?
We expect to host 110 delegates and 10 observers from all around Turkey.

4. How long will the conference last?
MMBALMUN 2018 will last for 3 days.

5. Is accommodation included in the fee?
Accommodation fee isn’t included in our conference fee. Accommodation fee is as it is stated below;
Room for 2 people: 100 TL (50TL for one person per night)
Room for 3 people: 130 TL (46TL for one person per night)

6. To what airport should I fly when coming to MMBALMUN 2018?
You should fly to Antalya Airport (AYT) which is the only airport in Antalya.

7. What are the committees and agenda?
MMBALMUN has four committees and they are;
Joint Crisis Cabinet: Reform – Roman Catholicism Vs. Protestantism
Futuristic Special Political and Decolonization Committee: Colonization of Mars
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Prison Reform
Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee: Future Generations

8. What are three MUST SEE places in Antalya?
When this question is asked probably first place comes to mind is the Old Town, which is the best place for a pleasant walk and a tremendous view or just to chat with your friends. And after you wandered around the historic streets of Old Town you have a variety of choices like going to Antalya Marina or Işıklar Street.
Ant the best part is both our Venue and hotel is just a walking distance away from those beautiful places.

9. What is the application deadline for the conference?
The application periods are as it is stated below.
Early Application: 28th of February- 28th of March
Regular Application: 29th of March- 9th of May
Late Application: 10th of May- 23rd of May

10. How do I learn more about the conference?
You can reach up to our PR Team 24/7 and ask all the questions in your mind without any hesitation. You can send an e-mail, write to us from Instagram DMs or call us.
Instagram: @mmbalmun

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