MUN Through the Eyes of a First-Timer by Eray AKIN

MUN Through the Eyes of a First-Timer

Hello everyone. I am Eray Akın and welcome to my very first article. First of all, in order to introduce myself, I live in Antalya and I am sixteen years old. My MUN career has started in January with AALMUN’18 and, I am Secretary-General at MMBALMUN’18.Honestly, I am obsessed with MUN because of my first MUN experience. With that being said, now I work harder for my MUN career. In this article, I will write my experience and review AALMUN’18 which happened in January and which was the first step of my MUN career.

When we decided to attend AALMUN’18 as a delegation, I was so excited since it was going to be my first experience and I was researching like crazy even though there were many months to the AALMUN’18. When our allocations were sent to us, I saw France and I said to my teammates; “You say it is France, and I say it is mine!”

I was not successful again to hide my secret love for France… When I noticed WHO’s Study Guide has been sent to other delegation members and UNCA’s study guide has been sent just for me, I was totally surprised and scared. Since I did not focus on anything other than France in the process of choosing countries and committees, I have not seen that the person who took France will be in the UNCA committee.

Frankly, I was scared because it was going to be my first MUN experience and I was the only one who was allocated into the UNCA committee in our whole delegation. If I need to mention a bit of the UNCA committee, it is about journalists and It was simulated at HASMUN for the first time in the world and at AALMUN for the second time. At UNCA, we represented agencies, not countries. ex: Agence France-Presse. In the first day of the conference, after the opening ceremony, we have moved into the committee rooms.

Our USG was Gökdeniz Yüksel (he is also a writer at and the best-hearted person that I have ever known) and our Committee Director was Ekin Eryazar (she was one of the first delegates at UNCA committee at HASMUN) They were first-timer friendly and so kind to us.

The time has come, we were about to read our opening speeches. I was super excited and my hands were shaking while I was reading my opening speech. Slowly, I was learning the procedures of the committee and also the MUN terms. I tried to speak as much as I can in committee and did my best. We set up a revolution team called “50 Shades of Revolution” in order to find solutions for our press release* and also started an uprising against Trump. (In UNCA committee, all the correspondents are required to defend the rights of the correspondents not the policies of the countries so committee did not have any power but encouragement, but we as the 50 Shades of Revolution team tried to start an uprising so we were reminded by our beloved committee director Ekin Eryazar, not to underestimate the power of encouragement.) Despite these, the UNCA Committee was legendary!

Now, I am one of the founders of MMBALMUN18, from where to where…
My days at AALMUN’18 was so educational and awesome and AALMUN’18 was an unforgettable conference with its every second.

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