Special Interview with Berrak ÖCEL

MUNTurkey.com: Ms Berrak Öcel, It’s a great pleasure for us to have you here with us! We heard your fame from many delegates in MUN community and many members of MUNTurkey.com Would you mind if we want to learn more about you?

Berrak ÖCEL: First of all before I answer this question everything that you heard about me, my MUN career, things that I had done perfectly and bodaciously and the most essential part of myself is, of course, my reputation in MUN world is utterly not enough for a person like me and probably you still have no idea about me. You can hear from heaps of people who try to incapacitate me and want to illustrate my mistakes to everyone but there is a distinct truth even that agonizing them there is no such a thing in the universe. Maybe ıf they spend their time instead of that constantly seeking my downfall and try to get to know me they might understand me.

What is more about me I can certainly and instantly say that people always talk about me and my success but actually they also criticize me about my overambitious character I can surely state that ıf I were a simple person in every standpoint I mean with a correct definition passionless person ı would never be the girl who always make people eliciting about me besides I ensure my reputation with my awards and works which I had done both of them perfectly not begging to people in order to give me preferential treatment because there are lots of people go on with this way my suggestion does not follow improper ways to achieve something always be honest let people know you with your success.

MUNTurkey.com: Having a lot of experience in MUN conferences makes you an important figure in MUN community. What does MUN mean to you?

Berrak ÖCEL: MUN is one of the most important thing in my life the reason why MUN contributed me a lots of essential experience about academic skills and life skills every time I attended a conference I experienced very prominent life skills those were developing my cultural knowledge and improving my human affairs and it also learned how to we could be alive and move on in crisis moments and even I am in chaos because I am a different MUNer and it has cost me many people but I’m always myself. I think it is better to lose others than to lose yourself to fit in. My teachers did not support me in that case but here I am and maybe it is agonizing them but I will continue to be part of this world.

MUNTurkey.com: We wonder if your school encouraged you to start your MUN career. If you got a support from your school and teachers, would you please share it with us?

Berrak ÖCEL: Actually, the first time that I decided to be part of this world firstly swore to myself in order to become a very important figure in this world. But if you ask me if your school encourage you in this way my answer will be beyond any doubt no. My teachers did not believe me because they have a master degree in provinciality they always supporting unqualified people. But the member of our student council supports me every time when I feel in the dark side they always motivated me and the more important thing they believed me and always say to me you are the best of the best. Probably they were the people who believe me. I can not even think what if they didn’t support me. What is more about my school is instead of encouraging me, they discouraged me a lot. Moreover even they probably do everything to damage my psychology in order to make me relent but, as I mentioned here I am. And I am not planning to stay away from MUN. Because they contributed strength to me that is why I want to congratulate them. In this term, they created an upward of overambitious person. And to what a shame for them, they need to get used to hearing my name and they have to witness to my success. Whatever happens, success is the best way for the torment of people who do not want to be the best.

MUNTurkey.com: We saw that you have been a chair; delegate and you have taken place in many other positions. Could you please tell us which position thrills you most?

Berrak ÖCEL: That is correct you might see me in many different positions in MUN. But In my opinion being a chair is the best thing in MUN it is because I am one of the admirers of authority and discipline especially authority. Therefore, I can’t bear any kind of authority gap and officiousness.

MUNFashion PR Team: As much as your academic success, your style and clothes caught the attention of huge amount of people. We thought that you may be a great role model for many MUNers. Could you please describe your style to us?

Berrak ÖCEL: First of all, I want to indicate that the academic part of MUN is always a priority for me and I think I own everything my this property. I never put anything in front of the academic part. But When it comes to being stylish please compromise me about just one thing we all know that having academic success and style I mean having both is not a considerable amount of ability. But as you might notice I have both of them.

MUNFashion PR Team: Behind your success, you shine as a star with your fashion in MUNs and caught much attention. We would be delighted if you share with us which fashion trend/magazine you are following.

Berrak ÖCEL: To be honest I am not following fashion. Due to for me, accurate definition of fashion is every single person should wear what is proper for her/him.

We offer our deepest gratitude to dear ÖCEL for giving us this amazing chance to have an interview! 
MUNTurkey.com PR Team



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