Alara Wilson: Interview with Rümeysa ÖZSAĞLICAK

1) Firstly would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, I am Rümeysa ÖZSAĞILICAK and I am an 11th-grade student at Antalya Adem Tolunay AHS. I am attending MUN conferences approximately for 2 years; I can say that I am still new blood in the Antalya Society. I have been served in many different positions at the academy and executive board. And now in this review, I am going to try to answer some questions to help you with my experiences and things that I learned.

2) What was the reason for you to attend MUN conferences?

It is such a cliché but the reason behind my interest in MUN was the necessity of improving English. I wasn’t that confident with my English level, so it was a great chance to speak and learn; secondly, I am planning to be a student of International Relations and Politics at college, so I am already interested in these issues especially politics and economy. Thus I decided to move on.

3) Why do you think people should attend MUN conferences and what are the benefits of attending these conferences?

We can summarize the benefits of MUN with 3 keywords. Confidence, self-development, and language. If you are an academy member or delegate it will improve your knowledge about policies and international relations. If you are an organization team member you will improve your relations and communication with people, handling the real organization problems. I prefer to be in Academy but I always believed that the situations that you faced in Organization Departments teach you much more than the Academy part of MUNs.

So, why should people attend MUN: I can say that last year was the MUN year without no doubt. The count of MUN conferences are now 100+ and nearly you can find it in every city. We, as the students are just living between school, home, and (if you have) extra classes. We have many responsibilities against the school, family, etc. MUN provides you a different atmosphere for 3-4 days. It kind of prevents the monotony lifestyle and you can explore a new side of yourself, gain new perspectives.

4) For you what are the most challenging things about MUNs?

I don’t think that there is a specific challenging part but if I should look from a delegate’s perspective; preparation and the fear of resolution paper. Writing a document has always been the most stressful thing for me.

5) Can you keep the balance between your school life and your MUN career? If so how do you do it?

Yes, I can keep that balance easily. I believe that the person, who lives that problem, should define his/her priorities at life and think like an adult person. Yes, we love conferences but it is just a SIMULATION like says in the definition of MUN. Your real-life responsibilities will affect your future and carrier. Also, I suggest you improve yourself in many different ways, we pay a cost for MUN conferences and maybe you can find an art course or improve your digital skills with the same money. MUN should not be the only social activity that you join. Different experiences create different visions and skills.

6) How do you choose the conference that you attend and do you have any tips on how should we choose as well?

It is disappointing to say this but the situation of MUN Conferences are not that great at all nowadays. Sometimes people who don’t even have successful experiences organize a conference and it just decreases the quality and creates a bad reputation about MUNs. The first thing you have to check is which year of the conference, experiences of Academy-Organization Team, Executive Board.


7) A lot of people are scared and have a loss of self-confidence what is your advice for them?

It is such a hard situation and I can understand it very well. 2 years ago, I was a person who has a fear of being disgraced, has low confidence. But you can’t change this horrible behavior unless giving yourself a try. Yes, at the beginning of this road, I have been disgraced and felt terrible but now when I remember those days I just laugh and appreciate all those moments for grew me as a person. So my advice to you is to be yourself and never give up.

8) At the end of the session, how do you feel when a delegate gives an objection to the suspension of the meeting?

I don’t feel anything. They’re just joking; it isn’t funny for me but no problem.

9) Is there a memory at a MUN conference that you would like to share?

Yes! I would like to share the most stressful memory of mine at MUN. I was planning to attend KCMUN20 as a delegate. Sometimes I do not pay attention to my position at all. If I like a committee I apply as a delegate and that committee was the Historical Trusteeship Council in KCMUN20. Also, the USG of HTC was one of the most experienced and successful names in the Antalya Society. Before I apply, The Secretary-General of the conference and my dearest friend offered me the Acting USG position and I was shocked because I could never imagine that I can have a position at such a team like this because they were the one who raised me in MUN. It was my first time as an Acting USG and Trusteeship have only done 4 times at all MUN Conferences in Turkey. I left everything in my life and focused on the committee and searched everything about it. After 2 days I saw acnes on my face because of stress. It was really difficult but we ended the committee without any problem and at the closing ceremony, I took a deep breath.

10) What should people expect from their first MUN conference?

First of all, you will have fun, have new friends, new memories, a new type of socializing, different topics to explore, different situations to handle, communication and many positive things which is great for self-development!

11) Any tips for first-timers? provides many pieces of information for first-timers, I suggest them to use it. They can achieve articles to learn how to prepare and advise from experienced MUNers.
Secondly, dear first-timers,
Being a first-timer can’t be an excuse for staying quiet and passive in sessions. Raise your placard and declare your opinions. I know it is not that easy but no one can judge you because of your mistakes, keep that in mind and be confident. If you still have problems with that you can consult your chair board.

Lastly, I would like to thank for this joyful interview.

Alara Wilson


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