Special Interview with VizMUN’20 Hello VizMUN’20 Team! We are so excited to be with you in the first edition of VizMUN! We have been following Vizyon College for a long time and we really admire the way your school using technology in education. We are sure that that success will continue in your MUN conference. We would like to get to know you closer. Let’s start!

1. Could you please introduce the academic and organization team of the conference? We are all curious about the heroes behind that amazing conference!

VizMUN’20: We have an amazing academic and organization team. I, as a secretary-general, claimed that I am so grateful for working with them. First, let me introduce our secretariat who is Deputy Secretary-General Jood Almas and Nur Melis Birbilen. Heads of Crisis Team can’t be forgettable who are Mustafa Sevim and Ediz Can Kaya. Our esteemed USGs are Emir Ergenekon, Yusuf Ozan Dirican, Aslı Köse, Egehan Akçay and Efe Babuşcu. Our conferences heros also our precious organization team. Our director general is Defne Gültek. We will have so much fun thanks to The event team, Zeynep Selin Albayrak. Our Head of Pr is Zehra Naz Kofoğlu and Azra Karabay. I also appreciate for the head of logistics, Azra Kaya who runs for everything. I also should state that Head of Admin who are Selin Akın and Tuana Hocaoğlu. Our Head of financial is Meryem Ceylan. Here are our heroes who will be this conference possible.

2. Honourable SG, Seren ANAÇOĞLU, states in her welcome letter that “As a Secretariat and staff, we value diplomacy and do our best to create a productive and positive experience for all delegates and advisors.” Could you please inform us how you will welcome the participants?

VizMUN’20: I appetite to emphasize that all our participants will have a remarkable experience and they won’t be regretful to attend this wonderful conference. Our committees are designed to teach lots of ability to everyone. At the same time, being bored will be banned because there is no time for boring during the on May 15-16-17.


3. The theme of the conference is “Treatment of Global Epidemics”? Could you please tell us why you chose this theme? Secondly, will the agenda items be chosen within the scope of the theme of the conference?

VizMUN’20: Nowadays, we have a crucial infectious health issue which is spreading around the world. We chose this theme because we want everyone to be aware of this danger. Definitely we have WHO committee which will be about epidemics. Delegates will try to discover a solution related to our commitee.


4. Could you please tell us more about the committees and agenda items? We also know that there is one JCC committee for experienced level delegates. What would you like to tell about your crisis committee?

VizMUN’20: Our conferences consists of 6 commitee. Which one of them our JCC Commitee with a special agenda item. 2 General Assembly Commitee. They are DISEC and SPECPOL. SPECPOL first agenda item is Combating the use of violence against political prisoners and second is Political corruption and economic crisis in Venezuela. The other is WHO commitee and as ı mentioned we have a special agenda which is about epidemics. Also we have UNSC and NATO commitee. Their agenda item is Libyan Civil war and NATO is open agenda.

5. As you know UNHRC has started a resolution challenge on a global scale for the MUN conference. Will you join this challenge?

VizMUN’20: Actually we do not think to do it.

6. There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to be more selective in their preference of the MUN conferences they want to attend and everybody looks for a good reason. From your point of view, why should people take place in this year’s edition of VizMUN’20?

VizMUN’20: Why Vizmun? Because the delegates will have more fun in their lives than they have ever tasted, and they will reach the peak of entertainment with both party content and special topics on the committees. At the same time, they will have a very special experience and add very important values to themselves.

7. Could you please give us more information about the venue of the conference?

VizMUN’20: Our conferences will be held at Vizyon College, Bahçeşehir. Our Institution address is Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım, Deniz Cd, 34488 Başakşehir/İstanbul. Also, we have a shuttle bus service departing from Taksim.

8. We also would like to know more details about your social activities and MUN party. What kind of social activities will there be in VizMUN’20?

VizMUN’20: Of course, we can not imagine a MUN without a social event and a party. Since our parties and social event will be very special, we will surprise our guests for a while. Stay on hold to VizMUN’20.

9. Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

VizMUN’20: Since we are getting contact with, we are completely sure that we will reach all our goals with their support, we will have a conference that everyone will be satisfied with. They always lead us to do the best thing. Thanks to, students can easily learn about MUN on the procedure, follow the MUNs they can choose, and make the decision that suits them best.

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