How to Write an Opening Speech for MUN by Irmak OKUR

How to write an Opening Speech in MUN by Irmak OKUR

First Steps on MUN!

How to write that Opening Speech which anyone does not have an idea of how to.

How to write an Opening Speech in MUN? It is important to know how to write a fantastic opening speech which will make you look experienced and sophisticated –and not like a noob-. Believe me, I am talking with experience right now, an opening speech changes people’s impression on you so quickly that you will be so surprised.

Part 1: Understanding what is an opening speech

”You are representing your country to a bunch of people… on a formal session of UN!”

Understand An OS (Opening Speech) is more like a formal introduction to your country and your delegation. Basically, you are explaining your country’s viewpoint on the problem that you are willing to solve.

 Imagine Close your eyes and imagine that you have been chosen to represent your country in a formal UN Session. What would you say to represent your country?

Learn There are differences between THIMUN and HMUN. Do not forget to check your conference’s format!

Read examples You can find tons of OS examples just by googling it. Read them and ‘’inspire’’ a little bit. But do not copy them!

Check your friends’ speeches Just take a look at your friends’ OS when you cannot write anymore. It will give you some ideas to write more. But do not forget to ask permission first. Sometimes they might be unpleasant about ‘’getting inspired from their speech’’.

Research You have to have basic information about your committee’s topic and your country’s viewpoint. Do not try to write an OS without searching for your topic.

Do not stress it An experienced and knowledgeable delegate may write an OS in 1-2 hours. If it is your first conference, do not worry. In a worst-case scenario, you will write it for 2 days.

Be careful about speech’s time Generally chairs want to get all OSs in one session. Depending on session time, headcount and experience level chairs may set a time for delegates’ OS time. They usually last between 45 seconds and 2 minutes.

Get knowing people’s help Your friends, a senior or a teacher may help you. Personally, I do my best to help first-timers. We are eager to help! Just do not makes us write your OS.

And no. You do not have to write two opening speeches for two topics

Part 2: Writing Your Opening Speech

‘The part that everyone is afraid of… Actually sitting and writing your opening speech without an excuse.”

Harvard MUN Format

Flatter Everyone Before Going for a Speech This is an unwritten rule of all MUN conferences. You can hear that everyone starts their speech by saying ”Honourable Chair and Esteemed (or distinguished whatever) Delegates”. You can try to be creative on this part but keep it diplomatic. People usually do not realize this type of little surprises.

The Formal Introduce Part (Not Always Necessary) As we all know MUN is a conference that sometimes you should use fancy sentences in order to look formal. In this part, you should use sentences that explain how honored you are as a country to take place in this ”prestigious”-yep, a popular MUN word- conference and saying that you wish to tackle significant issues by debating.


   As the delegate of X (Always use your country’s full and official name like the ”Federal Republic of Nigeria” instead of just ”Nigeria”) we would like to state that it is a great honor to take place in this prestigious conference.

Or another example

  It is a great honor to represent X in this respected conference.

Briefly Explaining the Situation In this part you should explain your topic by a few sentences and avoid detailed ones if possible. (if you have two or more topics then try to write generally on your committee)

  1. a) Firstly explain why you have gathered.
  2. b) Tell why this situation is dangerous to people by using data.
  3. c) Then add the viewpoint of your country on this situation.

Best Wishes on Debating and Epilogue Give your best wishes about debating and solving the situation that you are meant to solve in a diplomatic, positive and meaningful way.


In THIMUN format there are special delegates called ‘’Ambassadors’’ which meant to make a speech on General Assembly. In additionally they have to make another one on their committee. So Ambassadors should be prepared for two opening speeches.

There is only one ambassador in each delegation. These Ambassadors’ speech on GA (General Assembly) should contain all topics of that conference. You do not have to explain them all. A speech about the conference’s theme referring to the committee agenda is fine for a start. You do not have a strict time limit but keep it short and brief as possible.

Write your other OS as usual.

Part 3: Performing that Opening Speech (Do and Don’ts)

‘’Writing is okay. What about reading?’’


Practice Just read your speech to your friends a few times before actually making your speech to your all committee.

Take criticism Accept qualified criticism and listen to them. It will make your speech better.

Use body language will make you appear more confident and listenable which is a thing that we aim for.

Use ‘’We’’ instead of ‘’I’’ Since you are representing a country you should not say ‘’I’’. For example, we do not say ‘’I feel very honored to attend this conference.’’ Instead of that, we prefer saying ‘’We feel very honored to attend this conference.’’

Speak clearly Try to be understandable. If anyone did not understand anything from your speech, then your speech is useless.


Don’t look at your paper all the time Reading every sentence from a paper is a very annoying behaviour. Try to make eye contact and look at your paperless as possible.

Don’t try to memorize your speech, Of course, it would be great to memorize your speech but it is unnecessary. Use that time for understanding your topic and get enough information.

Don’t be a perfectionist, First of all, it is okay to make mistakes. If you did pronounce wrong just ignore it. Probably they did not even realize it. All MUNers has embarrassing yet funny stories- yep nearly all of them- Be relaxed and have fun.

Sample Opening Speeches

Sample Opening Speech 1

Honourable Chair and Fellow Delegates,

As the delegate of Iraq, It is a big honour for us to represent our country in this meeting.
We are sad to announce that we lost more than 10.00 people in our country due to COVID-19. We are aware of the fact that we need to take more precautions to protect our citizens from COVID-19. Secondly, if we close our social areas, our economy is affected badly.

We should be balanced in these restrictions. We think the world should go under quarantine as a whole. We need to schedule social life to ease the infection rate. Moreover, we need to open new hospitals in the African region and the world must help them. Doctors and medical equipment should be sent to Africa as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention.

Sample Opening Speech 2

Opening Speech of Spain
Honourable Chair and Fellow Delegates,
As the delegate of Spain, we feel honoured to take part in this significant meeting.
In the begging of the global pandemic, our nation was hit strongly by the major COVID-19 cases. Unfortunately, our cases have passed 1 million even though our government has tried to decrease the cases. We believe that if there is enough medical equipment, African countries can stop the second COVID-19 wave. We need to send cleaning supplies, medicine and mental care support. We should raise awareness in the African content so that we can fight COVID-19 as a whole.
Africa has a young population, and WHO thinks the COVID-19 death toll remains low for this reason. If we can work together with member states, we can stop the spread of coronavirus.

Thank you for your attention.

Sample Opening Speech 3
Forum: Human Rights 2
Question of: The Use of torture in criminal interrogation procedures
Country: United States Of America

Honorable chair and fellow delegates; the United States is extremely privileged to attend this conference. In the past few years, the United States and several allies have been fighting a campaign in Iraq as part of its war on terror. Many lives were lost, but after long, hard combat the US finally defeated dictator Saddam Hussein. After his removal, the United States has been working to rebuild Iraq into a democracy and soldiers have stayed behind to eliminate insurgents. However, the delegation from the United States feels that its progress in Iraq has come to the point where the Iraqi government can handle itself independently, as is needed for any strong democracy. Beginning in 2011, the United States will begin withdrawing its soldiers from its Iraq. It has faith in the Iraqi people and knows that they will be able to become a healthy nation. Thank you.

Sample Opening Speech 4
Forum: The Environment II
Council Question of The Question of the Disposal of Nuclear Waste
Delegation: The United States of America
Honorable chair, fellow delegates, and distinguished guests,
The United States of America is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this conference and the chance to find suitable solutions for environmental issues, such as nuclear waste disposal. Nuclear waste disposal is an important issue in the modern world because nuclear power greatly benefits human society, while at the same time potentially resulting in serious consequences. Exposure of radioactive waste in the environment must be eliminated if nuclear power is to be used, and better-disposing methods of nuclear waste must be achieved. The United States highly values the environment and its well being. Therefore, it looks forward to discussing this and other issues in the following days. Thank you.

Sample Opening Speech 5

Forum: Human Rights
Question of: Gender equality in access to primary and secondary education
Country: Morocco

Honorable Chair and fellow delegates and distinguished guests, thank you for according us your time to deliberate this speech which Morocco believes is capital. Despite many efforts made by Morocco, gender equality in access to primary and secondary education is essential for a developing country such as Morocco. Women in Morocco usually receive less education then men which the data shows that 40% of women and 60% of men in Morocco receive a basic education which is a huge impact on society. Morocco has already made considerable effort to enforce the laws but still has some progress to make. Morocco is looking forward to the support of UN countries beyond the borders for solutions to this International issue.

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