How to Write an Effective Motivation Letter by Zeynep DİNÇ

Motivation letters play a very important role in the process of accepting applications, especially in prestigious conferences that receive many applications. Now that you are here, you are investigating how an effective and successful motivation letter should be. Let’s proceed step by step with questions.

1. Who are you? Introduce yourself.

As a first step, explain who you are in general. Your name, age, school, etc. Do not underestimate this part as the introduction part is also important for them to get to know you.

2. What exactly is MUN for you?

You can work more comfortably if you separate this part into sections.

● What does MUN mean to you?
Define it for you, simply and briefly.

● Why do you attend MUN’s?
Talk about why you participate MUNs academically, socially, and what MUNs brought to you.

● What is its importance to you, what role does it play in your life?
Briefly describe its place and importance in your life.

3. Why do you prefer the conference you are applying for?

In this section, explain why you prefer the conference. You can highlight the parts that suit you.
You can understand this better from the example which I gave in the last part.

4. Why should you be the chosen one?

In this part, describe your features that you distinguish from others; What you have done before, your experiences, your achievements, etc. Also do not forget to include them if you have references.

5. Thank the Academic Team and Organization Team

You might end your letter by thanking the conference’s Academic and Organization Teams, maybe you can add a little note to convey your best wishes 🙂

Some Points To Consider While You Are Writing a Motivation Letter

● Be distinctive. Do not hesitate to use different words.
● Be forthright, but don’t lose your graveness either.
● Remember to be honest. Yes, you want to be chosen and you might think you deserve it, but don’t lie about yourself. Not just for this, you shouldn’t do it anywhere.
● You can use the “… Team” form to address the conference you will apply to. It helps to strengthen your communication.
● Do not repeat yourself so that your letter looks full, try to write clear and understandable. This will be easier for both you and the conference team you will contact.


Dear … Team,

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Zeynep Dinç. I’m studying … th grade at … School.

From my point of view my answer for “What does MUN mean ?” is simple, MUN is a debating platform to develop ourselves. Also I am attending MUN’s for some academic reasons; like learning how to make diplomacy by discussing politics, debating with other people not by using my first language, etc. Attending MUN conferences provides these kinds of social, academic abilities like being a diplomat for a while, discussing global issues, and trying to solve them. Meeting new people at conferences and gaining something from them. It also stimulates our skills, such as using solution-oriented thinking. These are just some reasons why I attend MUN’s. According to my own experiences; I learn diplomatic terms, my perspective and develop my interest in world problems. I closely learn the culture of the country which I represent. It improves my ability to find solutions. For more reasons like these I attend MUN conferences. Because of these kinds of reasons, MUN plays a big part in my academic and social life.

So, why do I prefer … conference? By my observation, your conditions are appropriate for me and my future. Your academic team and your sponsors appear qualified and shipshape. Reviewing your old conferences, academic and organization teams, committees, etc. reinforced my mind too. Hopefully, this conference will add on some abilities to my academic future. As this conference contributes to me, I think I can contribute to the conference with my skills and experiences.

For good measure, “Why should I be the chosen?” That is simple too. First I am inquiring about new things to debate and I can communicate with other people easily. These are my social skills. If you ask me about my academic skills and references; I write articles in English and German for some international projects. My English is qualified for this conference – I attended some other MUNs, conferences, workshops, training – Also; I passed international English tests like … , ….

Hopefully, you will accept my application as a delegate at your prestigious conference. Whether my application is accepted or not, I hope that your conference will be successful.

Zeynep Dinç
… Delegate Candidate


Please keep in mind that some conferences ask you to write a motivation letter that is composed of a certain word such as a minimum of 500 or 750 or more words. Before writing and sending a motivation letter you should learn the criteria regarding the motivation letter from the conference. Another part is that you should ask one of the MUN expert to give feedback

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Written by Zeynep DİNÇ

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