TAMUN (Ted Antalya MUN) Review by Zeynep Akkerman – CoChair of ECOSOC


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First of all, I want to introduce myself, I am Zeynep Akkerman and I was one of the co-chairs of the TAMUN18 in the ECOSOC Committee.

To start with, TAMUN was and always will be a very special conference for me because two years ago, as a delegate in the Health and Environment Committee in TAMUN16 I was a delegate and it was my very first conference, it was the conference that started my mun journey and TAMUN18 became the one that I am finishing it as it was my last conference. Back then, it was also the first TAMUN conference and I can clearly say that even it was the first conference that they have organized, it was a very well-organized and successful conference as I was able to participate in productive debates and as a result I got my first outstanding delegate award which encouraged me to become confident throughout my mun journey. After two years, I can say that the whole TAMUN team has even improved the conference a lot and made it even more enjoyable for delegates and also the chairs.


Firstly, it can be definitely stated that TAMUN is a great conference for beginners of mun. Chairs in the committee, for example, us as chairs in the ECOSOC committee explained the whole procedures at the first they before starting writing any resolutions and debating, in a very detailed way and this encouraged delegates especially the newcomers to construct productive debates. On the first day, all of them formed groups and they created 4 detailed resolutions for all of the topics. I was very impressed when I saw many newcomers were the main submitters and they were very motivated and ready to start the debates. The content team had carefully chosen topics that were related to the current issues of our world that could easily capture the interest of the delegates. We had comprehensive resolutions that were ready to be debated.

The organization team was ready at all times, in order to help us at times when delegates were tired because of debating, they came to our committee by starting crises about the issues in the agenda item in order to make it more entertaining for the delegates and make them have fun while we continue debating on the issues. Also, before the conference, the organization team helped us about with whole preparation process and they managed it very well, preventing any problems that may have occurred. All of the study guides in all the committees were very detailed and written carefully as it eased the preparation process of the delegates.


We had many sessions, but at the same time we had many coffee breaks in which there were many high-quality snacks and options for us to choose from, I can say that I was never hungry or thirsty! The admins, which in my opinion are the core of mun conferences, were also very well-prepared and they were very helpful and kind throughout the whole conference. Social activities were also very enjoyable. On the first night, we had a gala dinner in which there were many food options and all the food was delicious, there was at the same time music and a dance floor which enabled participants have fun even more. On the last day, there was the main social event in which we ate delicious pizza and after danced for many hours without getting any bored and did karaoke. Normally, in most of the conferences, the social events and parties do not be this much fun but I can clearly say that I saw every participant having so much fun and just enjoying the atmosphere.


Also, I believe that the press team did a great job by preparing enjoyable and well-made videos which we watched in the opening and closing ceremony and newspapers which were distributed every day to our committees.

To conclude, I can say that TAMUN18 was a very successful conference in terms of both academically and socially. All participants including the press team, admins, chairs, and delegates formed strong bonds between each other and established friendships that will not be forgotten through their whole lives. All the debates and resolutions were very productive and comprehensive that helped delegates become more confident and knowledgeable about mun.

I can definitely say that the organization team did a great job at organizing such a well-managed and enjoyable conference. It was an unforgettable experience for me and I am sure that it is same for all the other participants of TAMUN18. I would also like to thank for hosting me and letting me share my ideas and experience with all the readers of I hope this article will help you understand my experience and thoughts about TAMUN18!

Zeynep Akkerman – Co-Chair of ECOSOC

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