Inspiring MUN Career of Gökdeniz YÜKSEL Writer of

Inspiring MUN Career of Gökdeniz YÜKSEL Writer of

Inspiring MUN Career of Gökdeniz YÜKSEL Writer of I would like to start by introducing myself briefly, I am Gökdeniz Yüksel, recently studying at Antalya Anatolian High-School at 11th grade and one of the founder members of AALMUN Club. When I first heard about MUN Conferences I was kinda confused -to be honest, it sounded so cheesy to me- but then I started researching on MUNs and I realized that how much I research, I was kind of enjoying it. Personally, I define myself as an analytical person so basically in those conferences the thing that we have to do was creating possible solutions for general problems. Also, those problems might be in the past or future or at the moment. But when I became aware of that we are not there for our point of views, we were representing other countries, people, NGOs etc. I wanted to be a part of it because my main purpose in life was getting new perspectives and it was the biggest opportunity for me to expand my viewpoint. It was the perfect place for me to express my ideas within the other countries policies. I and my friends decided to attend an MUN Conference. About a year ago, we attended ATALMUN17 which was a High-School based conference, I was at the committee of SOCHUM and representing Germany. (at that moment I wasn’t aware of “Germany was my destiny”) I got the Outstanding Award, for a first-timer I was so honored and the moment that I felt honored was the beginning of my career and we said: “Why don’t we organize a conference?”. While we were organizing our conference AALMUN, we weren’t slowing down.

Our next and the biggest step was HASMUN17 because it was going to be our first out-of-town MUN Conference and we were excited as hell. We were reading Study Guides, researching on the internet and brainstorming because we know that “information was our power”. I was Deutsche Presse-Agentur (German News Agency) and I be the Best Delegate of the UNCA Committee in HASMUN. Oh, by the way, we went back to Antalya with 3 Best Delegate Awards, an Outstanding and one Mention Award. HASMUN17 was a milestone for all of us. We realized our capability and every other MUN that we attend we were upgrading. However, it was time for us to host a conference. June 2017, it was the first time for me to serve as a board member. The committee that I was serving as a Chair-Person was UNODC which is basically about drugs and crime. I did a great job! I’m saying that because I was not expecting that much of a great effort from myself. We were 12 people in our AALMUN Club and we were both Academic and Organization Team. I was the IT Designer, PR Member and also Chair of the UNODC. It may sound funny I know but we did a great conference. I thought that I was elevating step by step, first Outstanding then Best Delegate and now Board Member. So what now? I was looking for a different thing now.

Then I found myself in a JCC Committee in ECOMUN17. What a coincidence? I was Germanic again! I was the Minister of War on the Austrian side. I found a chance to meet great people in ECOMUN such as my Committee President Doğa Çakar, Secretary-General Merve Noyan etc. In ECOMUN the whole committee got Mention Award, I was aware of the policy of Doğa Çakar in MUNs but some people got angry because of the lack of Best and Outstanding Awards. For me it wasn’t even a problem, if you are attending an MUN, you shouldn’t be there just for awards right? However, I was wondering “Why he has a policy like that?” and I found a chance to talk with him in the dorm right after the conference. He told me that the main reason behind this was his personality. He said that “I can not categorize my kids. You all are like my students and friends. I can’t do that.”. Also he mentioned that he doesn’t like delegates just talking a lot to get an award, he was expecting us to think and create solutions for 19th century people and he thanked me then when I asked why he said “Because of your wonder.” and added “Don’t quit this work you are doing it great.”. I was so honored to get a compliment from a person like Doğa Çakar. While I was attending conferences I wasn’t aware of just one thing. Network!

By that time I created a huge social network. I realized that when the Director-General of HASMUN18 called me and asked: “Would you like to be a PR member in HASMUN?”. While I was in shock I asked “Why me?” and she said that “You did a great job last year and we wanted you to see in the Organisation Team and there were lots of people that recommended you. So what you say?” What can I say? I said “HELL YAS!”. I was the “Associate Director of Public Relations and Delegate Affairs of HASMUN18”. It sounded great to me and by that time… Knock knock! Who is that? AALMUN18. It was time for us to start preparing the AALMUN18. Now I was the Under-Secretary-General of the UNCA Committee and also I have an Academic Assistant to teach her “How does MUN work”. On the other hand I was 11th great and I have study much more. I was too busy. If I focus one of them the other one was idling. So all of them was hard to gave up but I have to. When I decided which one that I was going to quit, my PR Director from HASMUN called me and kindly said “We know that you are too busy but you have to choose your priorities” then I said “You are right, I don’t want to slow down you guys, you are working so hard but I couldn’t catch up with you”. It was damn hard for me too leave the HASMUN Family. But he was right I have to choose my priorities.

First I need to study a lot to get in a great university and MUN was coming right after that. While I was dealing with exam weeks I was also writing a Study Guide, designing Instagram posts and other stuff… Fortunately our club was much more bigger we were around 50 people. Once again we did a great job in AALMUN everything was perfect.

Now when I take a look back, I see that how much I developed myself under a year. I got great memories, fantastic people, great MUN Accomplishments, and lessons. Now I am a writer on in order to share my funny stories, great experiences and observations.

Best Regards,

Gökdeniz YÜKSEL

Writer of

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