I would like to first talk about the conference in which this committee took place.

DIMUN’18 held on 3-6 June and of course, there was a difference from other mun conferences because the committees were carefully thought-out and prepared. Especially a conference with the first ” La Casa de Papel ” committee.

I will now talk to you about how this committee is functioning. This committee has worked with the JCC procedure. We had two separate cabinets; one is the robber’s cabinet, the other is the police’s. I was head of the cabinet of the cops and Gökdeniz Yüksel was head of the cabinet of the robbers, in short, I was RAQUEL MURILLO and Gökdeniz was EL PROFESOR. We acted like our characters in these 3 days and we had a lot of fun but of course, we have had a lot of crisis in these 3 days.

When the crisis came, the delegates were writing an executive order, we were taking those executive orders and put into action them if they were approved, in brief, we spent three days with plenty of crisis and executive orders but we had such good delegates that they wrote very good executive orders and  they were effective in the course of the crisis.

Angel is a delegate who thinks a lot about me and whose ideas are almost identical to me

Suarez is the head of the special operations team and a delegate who writes highly successful executive orders on armament

Coronel Prieto is a successful delegate at the same time he just wants to save Alison Parker

Alberto Vicuna is a delegate in my ex-husband role and he hates me ughh… Despite this bad energy between us, he did a good job

The characters we created; Isabella, Rodriguez and Nicolas

Isabella is one of the policemen assigned to the mint file, Rodriguez is a computer expert who can access all the databases in the mint file and Nicolas is a good sniper, he is responsible for the team’s weapons.

And of course we also have a professor 🙂 love of my life..  maybe in the future, we might have a good relationship but…. let’s see what happened

The first day began with the robbers entering the Royal Mint Of Spain. We started making decisions as a police cabinet after, our main purpose was to save the hostages and the mint but everything did not go as planned:)

On the second day, we learned that Alison Parker is among the hostages, led to great disputes among the police because she was the daughter of the British Ambassador. If I speaking on behalf of our own cabinet, the 2nd day was the most challenging day for us.

In the third day, everything was going great and we were going to win, We found Nairobi’s child and we got some offers for her  she came to us by choosing that child  we were in a more advantageous position but afterwards we learned that the professor was “salva” and that it was a relationship with Raquel. The emergence of this fact has destroyed everything, they killed the el professor, ı was kicked out of cabinet presidency and they continued to plan to enter the mint without me but they missed something ; they had not written to the executive orders to control the rear entrance, the robbers have already escaped from the back door .

When we entered the bank we did  injure a couple of hostages with a fire order and that was our finishing crisis

This was the short script of 3 days, of course, it was not the same as the sequence our main goal was to get out of the plan.

What would you do if you were the Coronel Prieto or Tokyo?

What kind of way did you follow if you were Nairobi or Angel?

These were the questions we want to find our answer 🙂

It was a nice and fun JCC committee, this committee has spent a great deal of effort in the formation phase we prepared crisis, masks and maps. One of the names that have great labour is Mr Gökdeniz Yüksel and our USG Mrs Ecem Taşkın

I was proud to be the chair of such a conference and such a committee and of course one of the biggest features of this conference was the Secretary-General Mr Eray Kalaycı.

Also our Director-General Mrs Gülin Sıla Yenigelen, Deputy Secretary-General Mr Alperen Önal and  Deputy Director-General Yağmur Baş, they all did wonderful things, they made one of the best conferences in ANTALYA.


A conference that is filled with firsts and wonderful academic team.

Do not worry if you did not come this year.  See you at other ” Dimun ” conferences 🙂


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