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Tips for Being an Advocate in The International Court of Justice (ICJ)  by Merve Ceren ÇIRAĞ

What is ‘’International Court of Justice’’ ‘’Sometimes called the ‘World Court’, the ICJ is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations (UN). It settles disputes between states and gives advisory opinions on international legal issues referred to it by the UN. Its opinions and rulings serve as sources of international law.’’  The headquarter is located in The Hague, the Netherlands. The competence […]

The Professional Career of António Guterres by Sezen ÖZKALP

THE PROFESSIONAL CAREER OF ANTÓNIO GUTERRES BY SEZEN ÖZKALP Hello, dear readers! Through this article of mine, you will be learning more about the career and lifetime of the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres. Who is António Guterres? António Guterres has been assigned as the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations for a five-year term of […]

6 Reasons to Attend MUN Conferences by Zeynep KESKİN

Hi all! I am Zeynep and in this article, I want to inform you about “Reasons to attend MUN conferences”. I hope this article will be helpful to those of you who are curious if they should attend or not. Improve in English and Politics First of all, MUNs are a great way to improve yourself in terms of both […]

Model UN in Movies and Series by İnci BAKIRLI

Model UN is a great way to socialize, learn, and improve ourselves. But when we leave our circle and look at other classmates or adults we can see that there is a lot of things that they are not familiar with our lives. And that’s because of the lack of representation it has on media. So, let’s admire shows or […]

Lesser-Known Kinds of Motions by Azranur ERCİN

All of us are familiar with frequently-used motions such as a “motion to have a moderated caucus” or “suspension of the meeting”. But there some other kinds of motions that can save your life. I have listed some lesser-known and used kinds of motions below. Before started I would like to remind you that all the motions below are required […]

Konferanslara Neden Katılmalısınız? Sudenaz Aleyke BARIŞ

  Bilindiği üzere pek çok konferans çeşidi vardır: Model Birleşmiş Milletler, Model United Nations, Ulusal Forum, Çalıştay… Hepsinin ismi ve formatı farklı olsa da bütün konferans türleri size pek çok şey katar. Peki bunlar nelerdir?  Okulda Öğretilmeyen Birçok Konuyu Öğrenin Mevcut ülke ve dünya gündemi okul müferadatlarında olmasa da konferanslarda öğrenebileceğiniz birçok güncel dünya meselesini öğrenebilirsiniz.. Her kişinin belli bir […]

Genel Direktör Yardımcısı Olmadan Önce Bilmeniz Gereken 5 Şey – Merve BAŞBUĞ

1- YETERİNCE KONFERANS TECRÜBESİNE SAHİP OLMALISINIZ: Genel Direktör yardımcısı olmak konferans sürecinde yaşanabilecek her şeye hakim olma zorunluluğu taşımak demektir. Öncelikle bu göreve hazır olabilmeniz için yeterince konferansa katılmış olmanız gerekmektedir. Katıldığınız konferanslarda edindiğiniz tecrübelerin yardımıyla konferans sırasında oluşabilecek sıkıntıların önüne geçebilirsiniz. Tabii illa ki şu kadar konferansa katılırsanız başarılı olursunuz demek doğru değil. Önemli olan konferansta edindiğiniz tecrübe ve […]

Everything You Should Know About Amendments and How to Write Them by Ece BİLİR

         In my article, my main aim is to explain the amendment procedure in MUNs which is usually being used in the THIMUN procedure. In a THIMUN conference, a delegate who does not know how to write an amendment will never be able to participate in the debates fruitfully. There are some complications and many different ideas about writing an […]

Do and Don’t Tricks for Writing a Resolution by Selen GÜNERİ

Resolutions can be seen as the whole point of conferences besides the debate. For our resolutions to be the most effective, sensible, and structurally correct, here are some do and don’t trick for writing a resolution. Do: Gather your ideas in a different document/paper Don’t: Try to edit everything in your head if it’s hard The ideas you put are […]

Debating Tips for MUN by İldeniz CİVCİK

I see, you are in a competitive committee and looking for some advice and tips. If so, you are in the right place. First of all, I hope you have read our article about being a well-prepared delegate and have done your research before the conference. But in sessions, while you are using data and pieces of information about the […]

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