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NASBUF’19 Ekibi ile Özel Röportaj

MUNTurkey.com: Sevgili NASBUF’19 Ekibi! Öncelikle NASBUF’19 konferansının medya sponsor olduğumuz için son derece mutlu olduğumuzu bildirmek isteriz. Nazilli’de düzenlenecek NASBUF’19 için çok heyecanlıyız. Sizi daha yakından tanımak ve tanıtmak istiyoruz. Dilerseniz başlayalım 🙂 1. MUNTurkey.com: Bu sene NASBUF’un ikinci yılı olacağını duyduk. Öncelikle geçen sene ve bu sene arasındaki farkı ve gelişimi anlatabilir misiniz? NASBUF’19: 2018 yılında düzenlediğimiz ilk forum […]

Special Interview with MUNAAL’19

MUNTurkey.com: Hello MUNAAL’19 Team! As MUNTurkey.com, we feel so proud to work with MUNAAL’19 as the Official Media Partner! We are so excited to be with you in the second annual session of Model United Nations Conference of Ankara Atatürk High School. MUNAAL’18 was affiliated with MUNA and sponsored by MUNTurkey.com. This years’ edition of MUNAAL will also have a […]

MUN Calendar New Education Year!

MUN Conferences in Turkey 2019 - 2020 (New)MUN Conferences in Turkey 2019 - 2020 (New) City Conference Month Day Year Edi. Rate Level Institution Language Procedure Social Media Sponsored by Committees izmir AYMUN✔ Sep 20 - 23 2019 1st High School K. Aydoğan Yağcı Bilim Sanat English HARVARD AYMUN Instagram UNHRC UNWOMEN SOCHUM JCC: INJUSTICE istanbul HaytekMUN ✔ Sep 20 [...]

Special Interview with CAKAMUN’19

1. MUNTurkey.com: This year it is going to be the first annual session of CAKAMUN’19, however; we know that your team has a lot of experience. Could you please introduce the academic and organization team of the conference? CAKAMUN ’19: As CAKAMUN, we are beyond excited for our long-time prepared conference. We are confident that it is going to be […]

How to Lead the Committee as a Power Delegate

Being a delegate in a Model United Nations Conference might be frightening or enjoyable depending upon your stress and other external factors. But as a MUN’er with a lot of experiences, I can say that there is nothing to be afraid of at all. There are few golden clues I can give to future delegates and anyone who are instructing […]

How to Be an Effective Chair in MUN by Ada SAYAL

Congratulations! You finally became the person you desired to become while you were a delegate, a chair. The idea of being a chair may freak you out, don’t. With enough experience and preparation, you can be a successful chair without breaking a sweat. Anyone who has enough experience and is accepted by the Secretariat of the conference can be a […]

10 Tips for the First-Timers by Lara Melis BÜYÜKCEYLAN

Dear First-Timers; if you are about to join an MUN conference soon and also if your mind is complicated about everything you are just in the right place! Before moving to tips just don’t forget that each MUNerhad their first conference. They are just like you. Let’s start!   1)DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! When you attend an MUNconference your first […]

JTMUN’19 Review Article by Gökçe SİVRİKAYA

Hi guys! This is a review article upon JTMUN’19. So basically in this article, you will be reading upon how was Jale Tezer Model United Nations Conference and what did I learn from it. I cannot say that the conference is good or bad. Because there were things which I and most of the people in MUN society would have […]

GA Committees and the Best Way to Get Ready for them by Dila KADIGİL

GA COMMITTEES *There are 6 General Assembly committees. *All member states have an equal vote and P5+1 members do not have the veto power. *There must be a simple majority to pass the documents drafted by these committees. *All committees of the General Assembly are unable to impose sanctions, authorize armed intervention, or pass connective resolutions.   GA 1 – […]

MUN Öğretmen Eğitimi (ETZ Akademi İş Birliği ile)

MUN Öğretmen Eğitimi Eğitim Tarihi: 31 Ağustos Cumartesi Eğitim Yeri: ETZ Akademi- Vadistanbul Bulvar 2B Ofis Eğitim Ücreti: 350 TL + KDV Eğitim Dili Türkçe ve İngilizce’dir. İngilizce seviyesi en az B1 olmalıdır. Gün boyu çay kahve ikramları olacaktır. Ödeme ile ilgili detaylar için ETZ Akademi iletişime geçecektir. MUN – Model United Nations Nedir? MUN – Model United Nations, Birleşmiş […]


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