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Special Interview with CAMUN’19 Team

MUNTurkey.com: Hello CAMUN’19 Team! As MUNTurkey.com, we feel so proud to serve CAMUN’19 as the Official Media Sponsor! This year is going to be the second annual session of CAMUN and we are sure that it’s going to be an amazing MUN conference again! Let’s start! 1. MUNTurkey.com: We know that CAMUN’19 gives a lot of importance to the academic […]

Fictional vs. Actual Committees of MUN by Ilgın Sena TULUK

Fictional vs. Actual Committees of MUN So this article’s topic will be about the fictional committees of MUN. I’ve been attending MUNs abroad so when I observe and get comments from my friends about the MUNs in Turkey, I get the idea that most people enjoy attending those fictional committees such as FIFA, Harry Potter & Game of Thrones committees (which I call […]

Possible Chairing Problems by Ayşe İnci DAL

Possible Chairing Problems by Ayşe İnci DAL Three weeks ago I participated in an MUN conference as a first-time chairperson. I can say that I had read all of the chairing guides on the net, yet after the conference, I realized that I didn’t read anything about the possible crises that chairperson should solve in the committee. I hope that […]

Special Interview with Sıla AKINLI

MUNTurkey.com:  Dear Sıla, first of all, thank you for sparing your valuable time to have an interview with us. We have been following you on both social media and real life, and we realized that we just had a chance to ask a couple of questions to one of the most experienced MUNer in Turkey. We believe that your questions […]

Türkçe Konferanslardaki Kavram Karmaşası Dilay YILDIZ

Türkçe Konferanslardaki Kavram Karmaşası Türkçe komiteler, İngilizce komitelerle tamamen aynı işleyişe sahip fakat birkaç kavram karmaşası, kavram eksikliği yaşanmıyor değil. Komite başkanı, delegeler; hatta komite adminleri dâhil kavramlarla alakalı sorunlar yaşayabiliyorlar. Daha önceki makalemde MUN kavramlarının Türkçe karşılıklarını incelemiştim. İncelerken de, bizzat komite içinde olduğumda da kavram karışıklıkları ve eksikliklerinin olduğunu fark ettim. Bu kavram karışıklıkları komite başkanının yönetimiyle gayet […]

What should be the responsibilities of advisors according to the delegates? by Irmak OKUR

What should be the responsibilities of advisors according to the delegates? Before writing this article I talked to many people that had MUN experience as a delegate. I asked their personal and professional delegates’ opinion and it made me so satisfied to observe that most of these people expect more or less the same behaviour from their advisor. I hope […]

Why is MUN that important? by Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ

Why is MUN that important? by Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ When we started to high school, we all changed. We had lots of new ideas; even our vision of the world was changed. After all, some of us had started to searching to a place that they can express their newest ideas, and they wanted to change when they see the world as […]

TIMUN’18 Review Article by Berfu ÖZCAN

TIMUN’18 Review Article by Berfu ÖZCAN Dear followers of MUNTurkey.com; I’d like to start by introducing myself first. I am Berfu Özcan, a ninth grader at Abbas Sıdıka Çalık Anatolian High School. This is the second MUN I have attended, but I’m very interested in MUNs. In my article, I am going to reflect the positive and negative aspects of […]

BISIMUN’19 – 10 Questions & 10 Answers

When and where will BISIMUN happen? 22nd to 24th of March (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) at the British International School Istanbul which is located in Zekeriyaköy. The whole schedule is published on our website.   How much is the fee for the conference? Individual delegate: 300TL, Press Team and Chairs: 250TL. The dinner party (optional) on Saturday evening: 50TL. There […]

How to work in Crisis Team in a MUN Conference by Efe COŞTU

How to work in Crisis Team in a MUN Conference? As many of you are interested in, Crisis Committees are of the most intriguing and essential part of the Model United Nations Conferences. The most heated and passionate speeches entertained in these committees. There are 2 main impacts, one, the agenda items are generally so attractive and stuff to descant […]


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