How To Be A Successful MUNer? Written by Zeynep AŞKIN

How To Be A Successful MUNer? Written by Zeynep AŞKIN

Hi everyone! It is my utmost pleasure to share the notions of being a success MUNer. Model United Nations expresses different things for everyone but all of the delegates have a special aim, being the best delegate and getting an award.

Firstly, I would like to say something about myself. Since I started my MUN journey; I have joined lots conferences by taking responsibilities in many different positions. Before the first conference that I have attended, I did not know anything about MUN also didn’t read the study guide because of these I couldn’t do anything in the committee; moreover all of the delegates were so active that I had difficulty in expressing my opinions. Although; I was chosen as a “sleeping beauty” delegate at the end of the conference I believed myself to do my best in the future. In a short, I was more aware of the what I can do in order to be a better MUNer. During my journey; I have learnt lots of thing such as social and psychological things which helped me improve myself and get awards such as honourable mention, outstanding and best delegate awards. I would like to guide you through my experiences thus I have some tips for you in order to be a successful MUNer.


The first point that I would like to emphasize to you is “believing in yourself”. You have to be confident as always you are in social occasions, in order to have an excellent time with your friends in a MUN conference. Things can get though time to time. When things are not going on your way; it doesn’t mean that everything will go down and you should doubt yourself. In these times; you ought to know how to put yourself together and do your best by keeping your hard workings.



In my point of view; lots of new delegates are afraid of their English level because of that they wouldn’t be confident enough to express their opinions clearly but never ever, at the beginning of your MUN journey do not care your English level. Generally, you use formal language in MUN conferences and you have a chance to improve yourself and the language skills by reading study guides, submitting resolutions, doing some researches about the agenda item and so on. After a short time, you will notice the improvement of your language skills as informally and formally.

Last but not least; the main point of MUN is being well prepared. For example; you are an extrovert and confident person and your English is great but you aren’t well prepared for the conference; how would you be an active and efficient delegate? Maybe; you deliver some different speeches about the general idea but the main points are the same as the others and you cannot find suitable solutions.

Alright; how can you be well prepared? Firstly; reading the study guides in advanced is the biggest support in order to understand the agenda item fully and be active in ongoing debates. But; if you are an ambitious delegate who would like to get the best delegate award; these are not enough. You should search the topic from different sources and know your country’s profile detailed.

In my opinion; you should have knowledge of the other countries’ policy and situation and prepare your motions before the conference in order to be the most prepared delegate in your committee. In addition; try to be one of the main submitters of a resolution with your suitable solutions. Lastly; you should try to take the floor as much as possible for delivering your speeches, asking your points and so on.

I would like to continue this article with the importance and effects of listening.  Being a good delegate is not only taking the floor, preparing well or being confident but to be a good listener as well. By listening to the other delegates’ opinions and paying attention what they are saying, you have a great chance to avoid the repetitions and bring new perspectives on the topic.


Furthermore; opening yourself the points is one of the influential factors which is the most formidable part for the delegates to be successful. When the chairs ask you whether you would like to open yourself any points; do not be afraid of clear your opponents’ minds if there are some conflicts because it enucleates how much you know the issue and which helps to you be more convincing on your topic.

In MUN conferences, you represent a country or a bureaucrat; because of that, you look formal with your respectful behaviours. As it always has been; you ought to be respectful to all of the delegates and chairs. If you offend anyone deliberately; it doesn’t matter if you are the most prepared delegate.

I always state my academical opinions but not only them. Lobbyings are the sources of joy and enthusiasm. During the lobbyings; be social and meet new friends. Maybe you will start an endless friendship with your new and excellent friends.


To sum up; MUN is a platform where you can deliver your opinions clearly, discuss the issues, represent countries or bureaucrats, made endless friendship and so on. Frankly; you will understand it is not an academic process; it is the most important way how to improve yourself, how to be more globality person and how to be happy. In conclusion; always try to do your best and be active in the conference while debating and lobbying. Never ever you shouldn’t say “I cannot do it because of lack of self-confidence.”; only keep your works.

Love the work you do and have fun while doing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Zeynep AŞKIN

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