Special Interview with Deputy Director General of BodruMUN İbrahim KARAKEÇİ –

İbrahim, would you be so kind to introduce yourself and your school to our community?

Greetings! I am Ibrahim Karakeci. At the moment I’m studying an undergraduate program in
Çankaya University.

Picture: Çankaya University

  1. As far as we know, you are a university student, right? Could you please tell us about your education career and university?

I am a student of Industrial Engineering department of Cankaya University. I was graduated
from Diyarbakir Final Schools. My current studies will most likely change next year in order to
study International Trade in Bogazici University.

  1. When did you develop affection for the work of the UN and how did you decide to start being an MUNer at your school?

I started doing MUN’s when I was in Diyarbakir Final Schools. My language teacher came up
to us with the idea of MUN when we were at 10th grade. He created a group of 5-10 students
which were interested in languages. He supported us for beginning the journey of MUN.

  1. We are eager to get to know your Model UN club if there is any. Tell us all about it.

Our team is not made of students at the same university. We have a variety of people
around Turkey. We have a couple of university students and high school students with us.

5.Moving on from your school, tell us more about school Model UN conferences in Turkey. Are we good at organizing MUN conferences in Turkey?

When MUN’s came to Turkey it was in a monopoly of some organizations. But nowadays,
schools started to use their resources in order to produce quality events such as “School Mun”s.
Hence, the monopoly is gone and mun’s made by schools, not organizations, also started to be
more and more successful.

6.We discussed the benefits of Model UN for young minds with numerous speakers. Even though there is a general consensus on which skills are developed while attending MUNs, there is no consensus which is the top three. In your opinion, what, are three most crucial skills MUNs help develop?

In my opinion, the first one would definitely be self-confidence. Even if you are a native
speaker if you don’t have the courage to speak up; your ideas won’t be efficient because they’ll
not be spoken to other. And just mentioned, the second one is the language of course. Knowing the
grammar and the phonetic won’t be enough for speaking a language. The most important
aspect of learning a language is speaking it. Mun’s give the delegates a great opportunity to
practice their speaking ability. The third skill according to me is networking. With the efforts of
lobbying, delegates learn how to create a network and improve their networking abilities which
they’ll use in their future careers.

  1.   How many MUN conferences have attended? Could you please tell us more about you and your MUN career?

I’ve attended more than 15 MUN conferences. In most of them, I was a committee director.
Hence, my experience is mostly on the side of academic works. Although I’m experienced with
academic stuff, with being inside the organization works all the time I always knew a lot of stuff
about organizing. In my last 2 MUNs including Bodrumun, I was in the organization team. And
now I’m Deputy Director General for Bodrumun 2017.


  1. You are the Deputy Director General of BODRUMUN’17 and you are about to organize BODRUMUN in 2017. Can you tell us more about it?

Willingly of course. Bodrumun will take place in Ersan Hotel on 13-16 October. It will be the
first MUN that will take place in Bodrum, Muğla. We’ll entertain 5 committees. One of them
being a Turkish committee.

  1. Working with young people and mostly close friends is a pure joy. Could you please tell us more about your team and executive board?

Our team is made of with people from a lot of different MUN societies. As you may know,
there is more than one MUN community in Turkey. We created this team with people from
different groups and made the Bodrumun Unity. Each member of our team is experienced a lot
with having a long MUN career and also being in the part of the organization.

  1. As far as we heard, you are providing one-way flight ticket if there are early attendees. Is it true? Could you please mention about attendance fees and venue?

All information regarding the payments are on our website

  1. Let’s wrap this interview by giving one final useful advice for all MUNers. What would your advice be? And why they should attend BODRUMUN 2017?

My advice would definitely be attending to MUNs which are formed and done by different
teams. An MUNer should definitely take part in different organizations such as high school
conferences, university conferences, independent organizations. The main reason should be
improving the ability to speak up for your ideas in different environments. Bodrumun is going to
make attendants to enter a whole different side of Model United Nations. In my opinion, Bodrum
is in the top three places in Turkey. An MUN here was like a dream when we had the idea. But
know it is a fact not a dream, everyone should come and take a part!

Deputy Director General of Bordumun 2017

İbrahim Karakeçi

President of Bodrumun 2017 Ali Samed Gunes

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