Deciding Upon the Agenda Item and Creating a Committee by Gökdeniz YÜKSEL

Deciding Upon the Agenda Item and Creating a Committee by Gökdeniz YÜKSEL

First and the most important step of creating a committee is criticizing and deciding the best agenda item for your selected committee.

Let’s look at the steps closer!


Observe the current situation, recent events, and problems of the world. Try to understand what the world and people are suffering from the most. Even enforce yourself and think about the possible solutions to the specific issues. If the problem that you’ve been thinking is debatable and likely to create a solution for it, you can say that it might be the agenda item of your committee with ease.

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Look from your committee’s perspective to the world for the purpose of catching the most relevant topics. As an example, if you are the Under-Secretary-General of ECOSOC or other financial-economical or political committee, for me the first thing you have to be focused currently should be the Bitcoins’ stock market. Be aware of the world in every area, economic, political, social and humanitarian.


Be original! Occasionally agenda items and topics of the committees may recur. In 2017, there were lots of MUN Conferences which had a committee where LGBTQ+ Individuals’ Rights, Women Rights, and Maternal Health or Genital Mutilation have been discussed. Do not get it wrong please, I am not stating that these topics shouldn’t be discussed, however, that kind of general topics always end up with the deficiencies and lacks the education system. Thus creating a solution for general issues like these are kind of challenging for delegates because if it was easy we wouldn’t be suffering from those problems. Specifying the topics forevermore be beneficial, effective to debate and come up with solutions.


Pick an agenda item that you are interested in. The worst mistake would be choosing a topic just to get the attention of your prospective delegates. When you’re responsible for a committee you have to write a study guide and if the topic doesn’t interest you it will take forever for you to create the study guide.
A topic shouldn’t be chosen for the delegates’ point of interest, it should be picked for your enthusiasm. Do not ever hesitate there will always be delegates who have the same habit of mind with you.


Have an Academic Assistant! You will be in need of some person to assist you from the beginning of the process. Make one of your friends or someone that you can get along with, your AA in order to get help and support whenever you need. I am saying someone who is your close friend or easy to get along with because there will be times that you can get in a conflict, therefore, your AA should be somebody that both you and he/she should be understanding to each other. Insomuch that having an AA would be better and beneficial because having much more perspectives on the topic would be easy to criticize. You know what they say, one hand washes the other and together they wash the face.


Make your committee enjoyable. During 2-3 days just debating on and on upon the issues would exhaust all the delegates. Create crises, do live actions. That kind of moments in the committee always is entertaining and unforgettable.


Believe in yourself ! Make them say “That was the best committee that I have ever participate in!”

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