Rising to the Top in MUN Conferences by Eray AKIN

Rising to the Top in MUN Conferences

Delegates, hello again! I am here with my second article. In this article, I will share my tips on how to rise in Model United Nations conferences!

1-Be confident, trust yourself!

Well, being confident and trusting yourself are very important things about being successful in MUNs. You must raise a lot of motion during the conference, and have an opinion in every motion.

2-Searching your country’s policies

As we all know other delegates can ask you a question when you open yourself to the points of information, they can ask you a question about your country’s policies, so you must be ready for that kind of questions. Also, when you do not have to say anything in GSL, you can talk about your country’s policies.

3-General Winners List

It is not general speakers list, it is general winners list! When executive board opens the GSL, you should write your name every time in it even you do not have to say anything. You can talk about your country’s policies, you can give some information about your country etc. Trust me, it is a really important step to rise in MUNs.

4-Talking about Solutions

I recommend you to search deeply about issues before the conference. With that being said, when you or another delegate raise a motion about some issue, you can share your knowledge and solution every time.

5-Establishing a coalition
You can collaborate with some countries which have similar policies with your country. With that being said, when some countries accuse your country, they can defend you!


6-Resolution Paper

Now we are in the most important part. As we all know, resolution paper is very important for the committee to be successful. You have two choices;

-You can be the main submitter.

-You can add your name to the Signatories part.

I recommend you to be the main submitter if you know how to write a resolution paper, so if resolution paper passes in voting procedures, you will gain the upper hand!

If you have any questions about anything, you can ask me without hesitation via or @erayakin_ on Instagram!

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