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What is JCC Committee by Doğa DÜZGÖREN. Joint Crisis Committees (more commonly known as JCC) are committees that are not your typical GA committee. They are intense, urgent, spontaneous, dynamic and require intense and efficient research skills and preparation. The committee does not have a wide variety of delegations nor have formal debates over resolutions and is led in a different format. Therefore it is an interesting and fun committee to be a part of. Since the committee is extremely fast-paced, the delegates are required to be ready for immediate decision making and work for the definite defeat of the ideological enemy. In this article, I will be talking about the differences of JCC committees from conventional GA committees, special procedures, types of actions and state some tips for delegates who are thinking about attending this committee in upcoming conferences.


JCC committees hold significant differences from GA committees. One of the main differences is that the delegations are not large in scale and are not divided specifically into countries. Rather each country is divided into several delegates, and each delegate has a certain government ranking. There are specific two opposing countries and all elements in the ongoing debate contribute to the defeat of the opposing side. The government officials will work on the given crisis at hand and start to form solutions accordingly. Another difference is that the debate format is not formal and rather revolving around a resolution they revolve around a specific crisis event. Also instead of resolutions, directives are debated on. The crisis is different for each conference and is given to the delegates beforehand. In the committee, the chairs will act as a “crisis information centre” and are not necessarily in the same position as in the GA committees. It must be kept in mind that the committee is in constant crisis and alert mode, therefore, it helps delegates to recreate the conditions that help actual delegates create commentary solutions.


The JCC, since it is a unique committee it has different rules and procedures compared to regular committees also it has motions that are not in GA committees. They can be listed as Motion to Introduce Directive, and  Motion to Introduce Declaration of War. The latter also has a special proposal format.  These formats contribute to the fast-paced and crisis-oriented environment of the committee. Also, they require previous directives in order to be debated on. There are some special rules which include; right to permit assassination and address military action, the speech right of the chair (in which the chair can also give a speech just like a delegate, however, cannot vote), speech in the third person is not required and delegates may refer to each other with last name basis. With all of these attributions, the JCC is truly a different and exceptional committee.


There are two main types of communications that can be issued inside of the committee. Being quite parallel to GA committees, the main communication between delegates during debates revolve around note-papers, however, two main titles; meeting and press conferences are unique to JCC committees. The delegates of the JCC committee are permitted to hold meetings between delegates whilst the current crisis is ongoing. Also can be permitted to hold and issue press conferences. In these conferences, they voice their opinions to the public.


Although it may seem like a rigorous committee, with good preparation it can be easily done.  Some possible tips include;

1- Intense preparation and good research. This is specifically important since the committee requires instant communication and is always in an ongoing debate.

2-  It is mandatory that all delegates should clearly know their countries policies and their delegation positions requirement and should act accordingly throughout the committee. This is specifically beneficial for delegates who are wanting to give speeches and debate on the given crisis extensively.

3- In most conferences JCC committees are filled with highly experienced and well-rounded delegates, however, this must not be a fearing factor. To be prepared, writing several position papers would be helpful.

4- It may be helpful to some delegates/countries to be more prone to forming coalitions with other countries, therefore learning about other countries policies can also be beneficial.

5- All delegates should start thinking about possible solutions for the given crisis and start thinking about proposing statements in the debate that is going to be held in the committee.


Hopefully, this article will give you detailed information about the committee and that you are encouraged to try it at the next conference you join. Thank you for reading!


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