Post MUN Syndrome and Ways to Cope with It by Mert KARAÇAM

Post MUN Syndrome and Ways to Cope with It by Mert KARAÇAM

Post-MUN Syndrome (PMS) is a real condition that demands attention. PMS usually occurs after a great MUN Conference when we accept the fact that we are about to go back to our boring school life. Its exact moment of appearance can differ from one person to another. Do you remember that guy who didn’t smile even just for once throughout the fun session? Unfortunately, yes. PMS had already started for him. That is why he never smiled. He was feeling sad and depressed because he was about to go back to his boring regular routine. And there is this friend who non-stop talks about that great conference she has been to just last week. She was fine all along the week and she thought, you all thought she wouldn’t skip the PMS but next thing you know, that girl who was talking non-stop about that conference, does not even saying a word. She is just sitting on her desk as if she has been hit by a truck. The later it comes, the more destructive it becomes. Some can say PMS is a MUN Legend but I strongly disagree. PMS is real.

It usually has 5 common symptoms;
1- Feeling Depressed
2- Urge to sleep all the time
3- Eating a lot/ Eating, not at all
4- Considering making a deal with the devil in order to make all your friends suffer who are having a big time in a conference while you are lying miserably in your bed.
5- Speaking English while it is not necessary at all.

And some other symptoms which can differ from one person to another;
1- Raising a motion even for the tiniest thing
2- Writing a resolution of your life (maybe we all should do it)
3- Watching Tasty non-stop (like 89 ones in a row)

The real question is can it be treated or do we have to wait in agony until it passes. I have two suggestions for you enthusiastic MUN Lovers.

In order to avoid it;

Plan your conference schedule wisely because, as an example, if you attend 3 conferences in a month and none in the next it is very likely that you will have the PMS. MUNs are highly addictive organizations that are exactly why you should attend them with a balanced schedule.

In order to get rid of it;

Meet up with your fellow committee friends and eat pickles. Alright, this one might sound a bit odd but it 100% works. Tested and approved by me. In order this advice to work you need to be with the best people in your committee. You guys should buy a jar of pickles (German pickles suggested), sit on a branch and eat the pickles. Socializing helps with staying positive and eating pickles is good for your bowels and since it is where 95% of the serotonin (happiness hormone) is produced you need all that serotonin. And if you hug them longer than 20 seconds, once you meet up and once just before you leave your body will release oxytocin which keeps you happy.

These are my observations on the important topic PMS that has been a huge problem for MUNers all around the world and my ways of coping with it.

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