SOBILMUN’18 Review by Eda YILDIZ

SOBILMUN’18 Review by Eda YILDIZ

SOBILMUN’18 Review by Eda YILDIZ.  8th to 11th of February, I was at SOBILMUN’18, at Prof. Dr Mümtaz Turhan Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi. As it was in Yenibosna –a pretty far place from where I live- I hadn’t attended to it before. But I am glad I did this year.

It was a real special conference for me because of multiple reasons. First of all, it was the first Harvard conference I have been to. And I must admit, I liked Harvard much better than THIMUN. It’s more debate centred, which is good for me because I hate writing resolutions and you get to interact more with your committee. Second of all, it was the first time my best friend and I were in the same committee. Third of all, our committee rocked as a whole.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the opening ceremony and had to directly get into the committee. Fun fact, I have been the chair of one of my chairs in MEFMUN, he even is one my good friends and “godson” of my best friend. I was representing Donald Trump, president of the USA. In the first day, I was pretty nervous, thinking that the whole committee would crash me because I was Trump, I was leaning more to the more peaceful side. I was trying to be a little more cooperative than I should have. Seeing that I was doing pretty okay, I decided to go full on Trump the next day.

The second day, we fully discussed our first agenda item, empowering women. Being Donald Trump, it wasn’t the most cooperative and egalitarian I have been. I was mostly being, you know, Trump. Trump was known to be biased and sexist, so I had to do the same. I must admit it was pretty fun. After talking about the topic we started writing our working paper and draft report. It took a little too much time and we had to take some of the time from the second agenda item, which worked out fine.

The third day was pretty simple, we spent much of our sessions writing our draft report on empowering women. After lunch we started to discuss our second agenda item, combating cybersecurity. I was mostly, again, being Trump. I was dissing and blaming everything on China and Russia.

The fourth day, we didn’t even go for lunch but wasn’t even complaining. One of the most memorable moments of the last day was “the Trump mask”. The committee across the hall, African Union, had a Trump mask. I had to have it. And so I did.

The conference, overall, was amazing. I had many awesome memories and I enjoyed it more than I could ever imagine. Special thanks to Germany, Booz, Russia, Estonia, Norway, Australia, the Netherlands, UK and more I can’t remember because I have a terrible memory and can’t ever remember anything. The sponsor of the conference Bebeto, the constant “take me to the candy shop” The Trump mask, the most lit MUN gang I have ever seen Beşiktaş Atatürk AL delegation with their rainbow hair, getting an outstanding award, party-like coffee breaks with dance and music etc.
It wasn’t only about the fun either, the organization, except for a couple delays, was on point. Academic team was really professional, fun, helpful and kind. It was again one of the conferences I enjoyed the most. I recommend all of you to attend the next year.


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