Special Interview with KAIHLMUN’19 Team

1) KAIHLMUN’19 is one of the few international MUN conferences in Turkey. So what makes KAIHLMUN’19 an international MUN and from which countries you are going to host delegates and delegations?

KAIHLMUN receives delegates from all over the world, regardless of their countries. The fourth edition of KAIHLMUN has so far received applications from Canada, United States, South Africa, Pakistan, India and many more. Furthermore, KAIHLMUN academics team holds an unbiased, objective overlook of international and national matters, providing delegates with the necessary neutral international environment.


2) Kartal Anatolian Imam Hatip High School offers a lot of important opportunities to its students in many fields. We would like to learn more about IB and IGCSE programs as well as your MUN club.

Kartal Anadolu İmam Hatip High School is a prestigious state-school with many international programmes and opportunities. Our school has a five-year education system with one year of English-based preparation year and four years of compulsory high school education. In those five years, our school provides its students with many options for programmes and social activities. For the sake of the interview, we will be focusing on English and Arabic programmes.

First of all, our school has and supports a wide range of clubs for language, one of them being KAIHLMUN. KAIHLMUN essentially began as a form of tool to support the preparation year in language development. With the success of the club, it enlarged and became one of the most dominant clubs in not only our school but also the MUN community. More on that later.

Other than clubs and social activities, our school applies the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes to its students as well as the Turkish national curriculum. Thus, our students have the opportunity to study their lessons in English throughout the five years, keeping their language skills fresh and always developing.

We can’t pass by without saying that be it MUN, clubs or the programmes that our school provides, all of them contributes more than just language, making us knowledgable upon the international, national and professional matters.

3) KAIHLMUN’19 has a motto “History of Civilization: “Rise and Fall”. Could you please share the motivation behind this very inspiring motto?

3-We are fully aware of the inequality in wealth and life opportunities between different countries. This difference is sometimes small, caused by a variety of geographical capacities but in other cases, the gap is too large that it cannot be tracked by the usage of one discipline. By choosing “Civilization History: Rise and Fall” as our theme, we aim to trace back the causes of these differences by analyzing the past, present and even the projected future. With that, we wish to surface the secrets behind the rising and falling of nations, empires, civilizations and man-made organized living facilities from the depths of history and sociology to better understand the actors behind the curtains and redefine the history of civilization.

4) KAIHLMUN’19 has been famous for its strong academic team for many years. How can you maintain this success in choosing your academic team members? Could you please give us more details about the academic background of the conference? How do you accept chairs and other academic positions to KAIHLMUN’19? What can you tell about committees and their agenda items?

Since it was established in 2014, KAIHL Model United Nations club has so far taken active role in many regional student Model UN conferences and large-scale international business-politics conferences aimed at professionals as spectators as well as  occasional workshops with researchers in Foundation for Social, Economic and Political Research (SETA), the so-called ‘think tank’ of contemporary Turkish foreign politics, scholars in the field of politics in various universities. From its earliest days, our team,  the KAIHLMUN club, always worked precisely and unreluctantly in order to carry the conference one step ahead with bearing in mind that the key to success is a great endeavour and well-discipline. The workshops that we have made twice a week are must mention upon to comprehend the background of our qualified academic team.

KAIHLMUN Workshops are open to any and all enthusiastic students of our school. Throughout the first term of our academic year, we conduct workshops twice a week, teaching the ways, procedure and philosophy of MUN and conducting simulations. Our senior members work tirelessly to develop and update the curriculum so to educate our newbies as best as they can. In the second term, an examination is done in the form of presentations given to the members of the MUN  club and assessed by the organizers of the workshops. Our simulations commence afterwards.

Our team is active and participates in nearly all the conferences. Thus, we mostly have at least one member who has worked or been in the same committee with each chair applicant, hence we can receive multiple comments regarding the performance of the applicants. Keeping those in mind, we select our board members according to their past experiences and motivation letter. Our academic team, on the other hand, are chosen mainly from our club. Those who aren’t are invited by our secretariat.


5) We know that are three different language options in KAIHLMUN’19. Could you please give us more information about Arabic and Turkish committees?

KAIHLMUN club has once again corroborated its motive to have its members excel at both national and international fields. This approach led and inspired us to set a trilingual conference that includes English, Arabic, and Turkish committees and we do maintain this intention.  From the very beginning of KAIHLMUN conferences, we have had an Ottoman dewan as a preference for Turkish committee with the aim of offering our applicants a chance to witness the history of six-centuries-old empire and  in  KAIHLMUN’19  we would like to present  an open-agenda committee: “Meclis-i Vükela”, which can be defined as the council of ministers of the Ottoman Empire, founded in 1830 as a projection of modernization efforts by Sultan 2. Mahmud in the Ottoman bureaucracy.  On the other hand, we are glad to introduce our Arabic committee with its striking two agenda items; Arap League in which the participants are going to discuss upon the isolation of Qatar from the island and secondly the freedom of the press in the Arap peninsula.


6) There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to choose the MUN conferences they want to attend and everybody looks for a good reason. From your point of view, why should people take place in this year’s edition of KAIHLMUN’19?

6-As we know, Model United Nations engages young people in studies and discussions on global issues, enabling them to understand the world better way. From it the participants acquire the skills that they will benefit from throughout their lives, that are researching, public speaking, problem-solving, reaching consensus on controversial issues, resolving conflicts, cooperating even when it requires compromise, and at the same time, making new friends of all background. However, as the KAIHLMUN club, we attach great importance on academic honesty and well-equipped conference. So much so that we guarantee that all the documents provided by our conference are constructed by our team and all our delegates will be equipped with further and useful knowledge throughout the conference. With this paradigm, KAIHLMUN’19 aims to have its participants having unbiased mindsets with perspectives on a broad and dappled basis and be cultivated peers. This is what we yearn to see and to show. The aforementioned mission differs us from other conferences and as a result, KAIHLMUN’19 comes out smelling like a rose. Besides, with the motive of a vintage of six years, we are thrilled more than ever to serve and offer a better conference to our attendees. Other than that, we don’t really need to talk about our organization, everyone knows how good our coffee breaks and lunches are. Lastly, it is worth mentioning the style of the conference, even our acceptances are customized…

7) What can you tell us about the first-timers? We know that KAIHLMUN’19 has committees separated according to the levels of delegates. How many levels are there in KAIHLMUN’19?

In KAIHLMUN’19 we have 8 thrilling committees arranged at three different levels composed of beginner, intermediate and advanced by taking into consideration the background of applicants. That is to say, we welcome both first-timers and experienced delegates. The information of committees can be found on our website so the participants can seek and prefer the committees concerning their experience and desire. However,  JCC and the UN Security Council are suggested for advanced applicants,  and inexperienced participants can go for the UN General Assembly and UNESCO. Those who wish to taste a bit of the past or the future can take part in Universal Commission on Science and Technology or Treaty of Paris.

8) We also would like to know more details about your social activities. What kind of social activities will there be in KAIHLMUN’19?

Our Entertainment team shows the greatest effort with the hope of promoting four days that would be imprinted on the memories of our participants. That is to say, cliff-hangers, competitive challenges,  games that each are more fun than others are on the queue for our attendees! Just like every year, we are going to celebrate the first day of KAIHLMUN’19 with Gala Dinner and participants will have a great time with activities full of thrills and spills at the winter farewell party in our social event, which will be on the third day of the conference. Lastly, we are going to conclude the four magnificent days with worthily closing dinner.


9) Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about And what’s your message to participants of KAIHLMUN’19?

9-First of all, we would like to express our thanks to the MUN team for their great contribution to the mun society.  Well, for over 60 years, students have benefited from this interactive learning experience. It is the difficulty of learning to negotiate and to compromise when necessary, with people from every background, culture, religion, and perspective that makes Model United Nations what it is.  KAIHLMUN’19 is in accordance with this purpose.  We are glad to take part in Mun society not only as a participant but also organizers. Keep on improving and keep on attending MUNs. By the way, applications are closing at 24th!

Thank you very much for this great informative interview.

If you want to apply as a delegate or delegation please visit the official website of KAIHLMUN’19 PR Team

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