ITUMUN’18 – 10 Questions and 10 Answers

ITUMUN’18 – 10 Questions and 10 Answers

  1. When and where will the ITUMUN 2018 happen?

 ITUMUN 2018 will happen on 14-17 August 2018 and will happen in Istanbul.

  1. How much is the fee for the conference?

The fee for the conference: Delegation applications are with accommodation be 350 TRY,  without accommodation be 245 TRY.

Individual delegation applications/observer are with accommodation be 365 TRY, without accommodation be 260 TRY. Committee director delegations/advisor applications are with accommodation be 185 TRY,  without accommodation be compulsory accommodation.

 Press member and admin staff applications are with accommodation be 195 TRY, without accommodation be 90 TRY. 

  1. How many participants will there be at the ITUMUN 2018?

There will be around 400 participants.

  1. How long will the conference last?

The conference will last for 4 days.

  1. Is accommodation included in the fee?

Yes, accommodation included in the fee.

  1. To what airport should I fly to when coming to ITUMUN 2018?

From both airports for only 13 August, there will be shuttles.

  1. What are the committees and agenda?

 The committees are Divan-i Feth-i Konstantiniyye, Ad-Hoc Parallel Universe, DISEC, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Etats Generaux, Human Rights Council, Joint Crisis Council, Economic and Social Council, Futuristic WHO, United Nations Security Council.

  1. What are three MUST SEE places in Istanbul around the venue?

One place is Bebek in Besiktas, the view is amazing. And then, you must go to the Suada Club on Galatasaray Island for night parties. Finally, you must see the Galata Bridge for a fascinating experience.

  1. What is the application deadline for the conference?

The application deadline for the conference is 21 July.

  1. How do I learn more about the conference?

 You can acquire more information about the conference on our website,

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