The Best Historical Conference HISTANBUL 2018 Written by Elis Odabaşı

The Best Historical Conference HISTANBUL 2018 Written by Elis Odabaşı

The Best Historical Conference HISTANBUL 2018 Written by Elis Odabaşı: Are you a history geek? Do you see GA as a nonsense and has unnecessary formality? Are you an ambitious delegate that wants to rewrite the history and renovate the future? HISTANBUL 2018 would be more than honored to welcome you ALL!!
HISTANBUL 2018 is a conference that has all crisis committees provided by real historical events. The committees have a bunch of great topics. As a crisis lunatic myself I highly encourage you to attend this historic awesomeness and guarantee your enjoyment furthermore you will have a great experience as a delegate.
The cutest Secretary General aka Zülfikar Wombatoğlu has promised that he will provide banana donuts at coffee breaks so that delegates would have full tummies while they are finding their lifetime friends or flirting with their crush overall while socializing. Speaking of Zülfikar Wombatoğlu, he is probably the cutest and the only wombat that you can ever possibly see if you’re not planning to visit Australia soon. He is an Aussie wombat that has a marshmallow heart and a never-ending love for ambitious delegates and he would love to give you the BEST DELEGATE AWARD!
About socializing my fellow COMRADES! HISTANBUL 2018 will be more than honored to announce the first Soviet-themed MUN party! This party is for all the delegates of HISTANBUL 2018 but if you want to still be a part of the party because you are a 12th grader and your mama doesn’t let you make MUNs its only 15 rubles (₺) for a person. The comrades can relax after a long day of debating and changing the future by a good amount of distilled potato water aka VODKA! The band “Irfan Önü” will play your favorite communist music live!
Lastly, 1/4 of Siyah Ruj will be present at HISTANBUL2018 in order to make your dreams come true and make your crisis as efficient as possible. For further information please don’t forget to check out
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