Special Interview with BESTMUN’19 Team Hello BESTMUN’19 Team! As, we feel so proud to work with BESTMUN’19 as a Media Sponsor! Beştepe Schools is going to hold an MUN conference the first time and we are so excited to have an interview with you and spread the idea of international MUN in Turkey across the country and the world!

1. “United to Overcome” is the theme of BESTMUN’19. Could you please share its story with us?

We believe that in order to overcome certain difficulties, unity is a must. As the BESTMUN team, it is our belief that if we stand together, we can achieve anything. In addition to that, we think world peace and serenity can only be achieved through the unity of people worldwide.

2. BESTMUN’19 is going to be organized for the first time in Ankara. Could you please mention the members of academic and organization teams of the conference briefly?

Of course, both our academic and organization teams are composed of very experienced people who are experts in their fields. As our Under-Secretary Generals we have Erenay Karacan, Aylin Samsar, Mete Hergül, Beril Anıl, Onat Yarkın Dikkatli and Mete Rıza Nemlioğlu. You have probably heard of them before as they have become the masters of MUN in the past few years due to their success in MUN conferences. Our academic assistants and crisis team will also surprise you on how good they are! To talk about our organization team, we have Ege Yalçın, who is the founder of 7/24 Festivals which are renowned throughout the country. Some of our other PR members have previous experience in organizing events therefore, we have no doubt that our lovely Director General İl Deniz Ezgi Bayca will ensure your pleasure during the four days with her amazing team.

3. Beştepe College has been organizing very valuable events for many years. However, BESTMUN’19 will be the first international MUN organized by Beştepe College. What kind of privilege does it bring to the delegates of BESTMUN’19?

It gives our delegates an opportunity to get to know people who have different nationalities, races and cultures. They will have the chance to socialize with international students and improve their foreign language skills. In general, BESTMUN will provide you with an excellent conference as well as unforgettable memories!

4. Could you please give us more details about the academic background of the conference? How do you accept chairs and other academic positions to BESTMUN’19? What can you tell about committees and their agenda items?

The evaluation process of accepting committee directors is quite tough. We expect them to have at least one chairing experience as well as a good academic background in MUN conferences. Their motivation letter is also an important part while choosing who to accept. Their English level and knowledge of the rules of procedure is also tested and evaluated.

Our General Assembly committees, which are suitable for beginners, tackle the crucial issues of the current world. We currently have three GA committees: DISEC, SOCHUM and SPECPOL. The detailed information regarding their agenda items can be found on We also have a United Nations Security Council which will proceed with the real UNSC procedure and different rules of procedure have been written for it by our USG. It will be different and more challenging for the ones who are looking for new advanced committees to attend. The other last two committees are Joint Crisis Cabinets one of which being the Spanish Civil War and the other being US-China Trade War. Both of these committees will be for highly experienced delegates and will be an exquisite and extraordinary experience for the delegates.

5. There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to be more selective in their preference of the MUN conferences they want to attend and everybody looks for a good reason. From your point of view, why should people take place in this year’s edition of BESTMUN’19?

Although it is our first time making this conference, we have gathered excellent academic and organization team members that have a tremendous reputation in the MUN community. We trust our members to make this conference an exceptional one and with the original committees that we have, we believe we will not fail to contribute our participants with an unforgettable experience.
In addition to this, our conference is suitable for experienced delegates who are looking for a challenge, as well as the first timers who are looking forward to learning all about Model United Nations.

6. We know that BESTMUN’19 is a great conference for both experienced and first timers. How can first-timers get ready for the conference? Reading the study guides is a must. We take great pride in saying that we have prepared our guides very detailed and efficient enough to cover the topic and inform our delegates on the crucial matters that they need to discuss. Additionally, they will need to do some independent studying to delve deeper into the topic. As to talk about the rules of procedure, they will learn it throughout the conference by the help of our kind and friendly academic team who will help them whenever they need.

7. We also would like to know more details about your social activities and MUN party. What kind of social activities will there be in BESTMUN’19?

We will have parties that you will never forget for the rest of your life! However, we plan to keep them as a secret for now, in order to surprise you later. We can assure you that the music will be loud and the party will be fun!

8. Dear Akıncı said in her welcome letter: “We aim to have international students as well as the national ones”. So are there any privileges offered to the international delegates?

For us, every delegate is precious and privileged whether they be foreign or national students. We offer the same privileges for each and every participant and will be more than happy to serve them equally throughout the four days.


9. As you know, we have started a new project named MUNFashion! We are curious about the dress code. Could you please briefly inform us about the dress code of the conference? Furthermore, what else can you say about the fashion of MUN?

Firstly, our team likes the MUNFashion project very much! MUNFashion page sets great examples of outfits that are suitable for MUN. And to talk about our own dress code in BESTMUN’19, we must say we are very strict. Our dress code is formal business attire and we expect each and every participant to follow this dress code strictly. According to our dress code, we will not tolerate participants wearing casual clothes or clothing pieces that are unfitting for a formal event.

10. Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

It is our belief that contributes significantly to MUN conferences in terms of promoting the conference and making it known on an international platform. With their support, conferences get a chance to have a say in the MUN community. And with their training lessons, they help beginners understand MUN and learn how to be a delegate. We would like to thank very much for everything!

Cemre Erdal Head of Press and Media

As, we are proud to serve BESTMUN’19 as the official media partner and we highly encourage all delegates to attend this tremendous MUN conference! Official Page of BESTMUN’19

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