Special Interview with GALMUN’19

1. “United Like the Galaxy” is the theme of GALMUN’19. Could you please share its story with us?

At the outset of the first term, our MUN club struggled from lots of problems and adjourned for 2-3 months, all of the members have lost their motivation in order to exist as an active MUNer. Then our lovely advisor, Hanife Muik, gathered us under a single roof in order to organize training and MUN. We have decided to find a motto which emphasises unity and includes the abbreviation of our school, GAL. In this sense, it took a shape as ” United Like the GALaxy.”

2. GALMUN’19 is going to be organized for the second time in Ankara. Along with the experience you got last year, what are you planning to offer the delegates of GALMUN in its second annual year?

Last year, the organization team consisted of only three members. Therefore this is our first time in organizing a conference, however, despite some difficulties, we incorporate the top-flighters of MUN community. Participants can improve themselves on the top of their English levels and interest to current issues. Both our Academic and Organization team are working diligently and pertinaciously in order to provide you with an unforgettable MUN experience even if you have loss of memory!

3- We learned that you have a lot of famous MUNers in your academic and organization team. Can you please introduce the GALMUN’19 team with us?

Of course, our Academic and Organization Team are constituted of the people who are the dabsters of MUN. As Under Secretaries – General, we have, Mete Kerem Çalışkan, Ahmet Yıldızhan, Nil İdil Baysun, Uğur Ozan Baygeldi, İl Deniz Ezgi Bayca, Zeynep Birol, Asmin Nupel Akıncı. They are famous in the MUN community with their numerous awards. Ahmet Yıldızhan is also a member of our organization team. Our crisis team members are looking forward to challenging you in JCC committees. We pick and choose the committee directors. Last but not least, our academical and organizational advisors, Balakaan Başak and Betül Alımcı, are preserving us from the obstacles that we can encounter.

4. Could you please give us more details about the academic background of the conference? What can you tell about committees and their agenda items?

As we declared before our criteria for committee directors are pretty stern. We select them due regard being had to their academic background and their English levels. Therefore, we have an interview with the committee directors in order to evaluate them on the top of the rules of procedure. Also, their motivation letter is too significant in order to prove themselves about their desire.
To get to the committees and agenda items, we have three General Assembly committees: DISEC, SOCHUM which are suitable for beginners and LEGAL which is suitable for experienced delegates. We have two JCC committees: Stalingrad and Lord of the Rings. You can get more information about their agenda items from our website Lord of the Rings committee is a fantasy committee and it is suitable for highly experienced delegates and the ones who have a good command of its books, films and middle earth. JCC: Stalingrad is suitable for highly experienced delegates as well and this committee will contribute them how to act in a crisis situation swiftly and wisely.

5. There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to be more selective in their preference of the MUN conferences they want to attend and everybody looks for a good reason. From your point of view, why should people take place in this year’s edition of GALMUN’19?

Participants should prefer our conference because of our exceptional Academic and Organization Team, marvellous committees, attractive agenda items, social events, opportunity to meet the top-flighters of MUN community. Worthily to our school’s name, we are trying to exhibit an outstanding conference in terms of enhancing your MUN career one step ahead. Notwithstanding to other conferences, GALMUN’19 is drawing apart from them with those reasons.

6. We also would like to know more details about your social activities and MUN party. What kind of social activities will there be in GALMUN’19

Social events are the irreplaceable parts of MUNs. Therefore on the 13th of June 2019, in Gazi Park Hotel, we will have a Gala Dinner which we aspire after the thing is knitting up with delegates, committee directors and USGs before we commence the sessions. It will start at 17.00 and ends up at 22.00, moreover we are not asking an extra fee. Besides, we will provide you with recreational services such as just dance, karaoke, encore and music. We have one more social event, however, we prefer to keep it as a secret in order to give the details during the sessions.

7. In your welcome letter, you state that “Ensuring participants an unforgettable experience and contribute them MUN skills as much as we can”. How will you contribute to the MUNers? Especially first timers?

First timers are our priority because later on, they will be milestones of the MUN community with their solution-oriented minds, conversational skills, self-confidence. Furthermore, we showed how much we care about first-timers in our training. With our carefully selected committee directors, first timers will not be like a fish out of water because committee directors will help them on the top of rules of procedure.

8. As you know, we have started a new project named MUNFashion! We are curious about the dress code. Could you please briefly inform us about the dress code of the conference? Furthermore, what else can you say about the fashion of MUN?

MUNFashion is a great project for MUNers on the top of estimating them about different outfits and styles. For our dress code, participants should bear in mind that the dress code is formal business attire and the Academic Team will be very tough about the dress code. Henceforth, we encourage each and every participant to follow the dress code, GALMUN’19 won’t ignore the ones who don’t follow it.


9.Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

That is a very significant question because it is a stubborn fact that is supporting conferences and acquainting them to delegates. Also, they help organizations in order to introduce their conference to the MUN community. Special thanks to their splendid efforts, it was an exceptional interview.

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to the MUN community in Turkey. Please visit the official website of GALMUN’19 to get more information about the conference. PR Team

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