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  1. How many MUN Conferences Are Held Each Year in Ankara?



The increase in the number of MUN conferences all over Turkey in recent years manifests itself in Ankara, too. That being said, even though I cannot give exact value, I would say it is about 50. And the number certainly is going to grow over the years.

Here is the MUN Calendar of Turkey! Just click to see all MUNs in Turkey!

  1. Is the Academy or Organization More Important?

An MUN’s academy and organization are essential and inseparable. They complement each other. For you to have the maximum amount of fun and joy, both of them ought to be throughgoing. Hence it’s impossible to compare them or decide on one that is more important. To this day, I haven’t witnessed a single MUN in Ankara filled with flaws. All of them were precisely planned in every aspect. The primary reason is that conferences in Ankara cherish these two equally, which is the key to a perfectly satisfying conference.

  1. Is HARVARD or THIMUN Rules of Procedures More Popular?

As in most cities in Turkey, Ankara is also rich in conferences that adopt Harvard Procedure. But, as a result of the great number of conferences compared to other cities, there are also plenty of conferences that follow the THIMUN Procedure. Some of the most outstanding ones are MUNESCO, TEDMUN, ACMUN, MCMUN. That is to say, you can easily find a conference that suits your preferences.

  1. Are There any Fantasy Committees in Conferences in Ankara?

Although it is rare, yes, some conferences prefer to open fantasy committees. They can be originated from TV series, movies or books; futuristic committees are also counted as fantasy committees. The reason why it is slightly harder to find fantasy committees is that these committees are not as easy to prepare as the other ones since they require more imagination, creativity, and improvisation skills compared to UN committees. I strongly suggest all the delegates that they participate in a fantasy committee at least once in their MUN journey. Being inside of the world that you watch on screen, or shaping the future politics with your actions will give you a joy that can’t be described. You can get this chance in Ankara, just keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity!

  1. What Are the Most Prominent Conferences in Ankara?

Though I don’t believe we can determine a conference’s quality by its number of sessions, this seems to be an important matter to most of the participants. Some of Ankara’s oldest MUNs are MUNESCO, EUROSIMA, MUNBU. In my opinion, the experiment and capability of Organization and Academic Team members are the crucial things. When I apply for an MUN, the first thing that I look into is if their team members are experienced enough to carry out such responsibilities, which is doubtless not that simple. TEDUMUN, ETUMUN, NAMUN, MUNMAYA are four of the conferences I believe that meet the expectations.

  1. What are the Biggest MUN Clubs in Your City? Do They Work Actively or Not?

For the reason that University clubs have the opportunity to carry on work more freely and with a larger number of participants compared to high school clubs, they take the lead. Ankara’s biggest MUN Clubs are ETUMUN, MUNBU, TEDUMUN; being on duty for 5-9 years. They usually host quite a few attendants and have many committees, thus they are immensely active throughout the year.

  1. What is the Average Attendance Fee in Conferences in Ankara?

The average attendance fee is approximately 200 Turkish liras for delegates. I’d like to point out that the fee being high or low doesn’t determine the conference’s qualification. Most of the time, MUNs held by school bodies cost lower while the independent ones cost much more. The reason behind the price difference is usually the venue. If the conference is being held at a hotel, their prices are inevitably going to be higher, since the hotel charges them with expensive fees. Also, the conferences that procure financial support from companies or UN Committees are more likely to cost lower.

  1. Are There Any International Participants in Conferences in Ankara?

Some conferences accept international participants. Attending an International MUN will contribute a lot to you. With the opportunity to make friends internationally and develop your lingual skills outside of the committee, your MUN experience will surely be carried to the next level!

  1. What Is Different When You compare Ankara with Other cities?

Among tens of conferences, there is a wide range of committees, so you can easily find an Agenda Item in your field of interests. But the greatest thing, as I stated above, is how the Academic Teams and Organization Teams work in harmony. Academic Teams are almost perfect most of the time, their team members are usually acknowledged. Therefore, so many well-prepared committees await you. The Organization teams’ duty is making your time pass smoothly and comfortably while making sure you are pleased and joyful. I am saying again that conferences in Ankara manage this perfectly.

  1. Top Suggestions for the Participants Who Will Attend a Conference in Ankara.

In Ankara, it is a common thing that multiple conferences concur, so while deciding on which conference to attend, it’s important to check up the committees, then choose the conference based on your interests. Also, don’t forget to take a trip to Anıtkabir and Atakule during your stay. Above all, get ready for unforgettable experiences, lifelong friendships, mind-blowing social events, lots of learning, and so much more!

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