Review of DIMUN by Gökdeniz YÜKSEL

Review of DIMUN by Gökdeniz YÜKSEL

Serving as the chair of a JCC Committee for a very first time in my life in DIMUN18 and such a perfect committee as La Casa De Papel, also first time in the world, was one of the greatest experiences in my life. DIMUN18 was the best conference that I’ve ever attended so far. I can say that without a single doubt because the organisation and academic team were full of advanced, experienced and qualified people. During that three-day period, DIMUN gave me the experiences of a lifetime.

The La Casa De Papel Committee handled perfectly by our cutest USG, Ecem Taşkın, run greatly by my “enemy”, Raquel Murillo – Bersu Cengizoğlu and me as El Profesor. The first crisis of our committee was us as the heist team covering the Royal Mint of Spain and taking the people inside as hostages. After that, we proceed with writing Executive Orders about assigning the hostages and start printing the money. I and Bersu communicate with phones which connected to loudspeakers in addition to that both of the cabinets were able to hear our conversations. The police cabinet covered the outside of the mint and when hostages including Alison Parker who is the daughter of UK Ambassador and Oslo & Helsinki were on the rooftop, cops fired. Oslo died and Alison injured from her right shoulder.

They couldn’t differentiate between the hostages and heists because all of them was wearing Dali masks. When Alison injured we released a video press release in order to inform the public and gain some respect from the civilians. But our press release went wrong and UK Government got involved and sent EMP into the mint.

After the EMP sent, our electricity went off and literally we weren’t able to turn on the air-conditioners in the committee room until we fix the problem. During the EMP attack, money printing machines stopped working, which means we lost lots of money. Then Rio hacked the signals and we fixed that problem but when EMP sent in our main entrance was half-open so cops identified Tokyo and Rio. Even and even while EMP sent Rio was deleting the footages of the mint in addition to that they were able to identify Nairobi from the records.

Next day cop side offered Nairobi’s child to her. We had a fight in the committee room because she wanted to go but we strictly opposed that idea. However, she ran away with six hostages and lots of money. We knew that she was going to inform the police cabinet about our plans so we decided to publish a fake death news of El Profesor in order to confuse them.

I as the El Profesor created a fake death scene but they found Raquel’s strand in the scene. Then Raquel realized Salva was the one. They forced her to say my location and she did. Police cabinet found me and killed El Profesor. I was dragged along to the Police Cabinet from the coffee break area (I’m still angry with Crisis Team…). Against all odds, we already had a great and detailed escape plan called “Childf***** Babydrop Plan” My perfect heist team succeed in escaping and they won.


To be honest my heist team was the best delegates that I’ve ever had. Rio hacked everything, Tokyo wrote all of the Executive Orders, Berlin was always in charge when I wasn’t in the committee room, Moscow helped us with his great strategic plans, Denver was always there in order to help me to calculate how much money that we printed, Helsinki took note of every step that we took, Oslo… R.I.P. Oslo we will always love you… But Raquel, my baby Bersu she was great at the other side like she SLAYED.

Absolutely, there are some special thanks to the people who helped me to make my LCDP Committee dream come true, firstly Secretary-General of a great conference such as DIMUN18 and Secretary-General of my heart, one of my closest friends Eray Kalaycı, our diva, big mama Director-General of DIMUN18 Gülin Yenigelen, our Deputy Secretary-General Alperen Önal big boss, there ain’t a word to express him and lastly our Deputy Director-General Yağmur Baş, our financial and emotional support she was always there when we want to eat kokoreç at 3 a.m. SHOUTOUT TO OUR MUN DADDIES! Our MUN GODS, Berke Giray, Sena Kaya, Berkcan Yalçın, it’s a great honour to thank them one by one. Our cutest press members, Lara, Sena, Ela, Ahmet Buğra, they worked so hard to immortalize the best experiences. Our admins, participants, academic and organisation team…

To make the long story short, everything about DIMUN18 was on point from head to toe. I hope we’ll catch at DIMUN19 😉

Stay MUNed!

Gökdeniz YÜKSEL

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