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There are some statements that you need to consider before applying to a MUN conference. First, think about why you want to join the conference and whether this will benefit you or not. If you think you are going the right way and it will be useful, you are ready for other steps.


One of the first steps is to research the conference you want to go carefully, because as a result of your research you may find that it is not suitable for you. While doing this, first of all, you need to examine the organization team of the conference. Then the letter of the Secretary-General should be read. After that check where the conference will be held. If it is to be done out of the city, fill in the relevant blanks in the order of your application form accordingly. On the other hand, if it is taking place in a foreign country you will also find information on the application form. You will be informed by the academic team about your accommodation, transportation, and visa.


Later on, come to the committees part and start looking for the one better for you. One clue,  do not forget to choose something that isn’t compatible with your experience. In the committees section, you will see that each one has an explanation. After reading each one, you will have already decided which one you want to be in. After this statement, you can start to fill the ‘’application form’’. You decided on the committee so this time you should decide on that which position do you want to represent. You have choices like ‘’Committee Director, Administrative Staff, Press Member, Delegate’’ that you have to choose from. If you decide to be a ‘’Delegate’’ you will see a part in the application form in which you should choose the countries. After you fill in all blanks you can send it. In the end, you will receive an e-mail about your application as soon as possible.


How Should You Choose Your MUN Position When You Are Applying? In the MUN conferences, there are some positions that you have to choose if you want to be part of the conference. Those are ‘’Committee Director, Administrative Staff, Press Member, Delegate’’.  If you are in the ‘’academic team’’ there are suitable positions for everyone as ‘’Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, Head Of Crisis and Academic Advisor’’ but if you are in ‘’organization team’’ positions are ‘’Director General, Head of Public Relations, Head of Press, Head of Administrative Staff and Head of Logistics’’.  If you have enough experience for being a committee director you can choose it but you have to be serious, knowledgeable, and helpful. Lastly, you must manage crisis moments well and comfortably. But if you do not have enough experience you can choose being a delegate and debate all the time at the sessions and learn how to improve yourself.  If you are not very interested in academic departments, being in the press team or an admin is absolutely for you. About the academic and the organization teams, these are something a bit different because these are the positions that are at the top. These are mostly chosen by the team and certainly, you cannot see any application form for them.

What To Do After The Confirmation Email is Sent?

Congratulations to you, if your confirmation mail has arrived. After you read the mail come again to the conference’s website and find your committee. After that, make some research about the topic of your committee.  If your ‘’study guide’’ is not published yet, do your first research yourself. You can take some notes so you will not forget anything that you have researched. If your committee is using ‘’THIMUN procedure’’ you may start to write your resolution. But if it is in ‘’HARVARD procedure’’ you should not write the resolution before the conference.  If you are a ‘’first-timer’’ and do not know ‘’what is MUN’’ or ‘’what to do in the MUN conference’’ you can read some articles or essays for instance from ‘’’’.

How To Become An Active Delegate By Following The Steps Above?

If you have followed the steps I mentioned above, you have already passed the most difficult part. All you have to do is to go to the conference and show yourself as an active delegate. After you go to the conference with your preparation you will not have any difficulties because you did everything that you had to do. Once your committee has started, if you are asked to give an ‘’opening speech’’, give it because this will take you one step further from others. When you are reading you also mention your ideas about the topic. So give lots of speeches and ask questions to other delegates. If it is in ‘’HARVARD Procedure’’ in the resolution time be active and write resolution with the others and don’t forget that you should explain yourself to other delegates and have them join you in terms of thought. Explain to them what you want to do, what your country does, and will do about the topic and what you can do together. If you explain what you want to say and do with confidence, be sure that they will support you. After you have written the resolution as the whole committee, in voting time, you will need votes also from other delegates who did not support you.  You should be open to good and bad comments that may be bilateral. If you do not reduce your own power and stability answering questions and managing conflicts, that means you are following a good way. But if you are in a ‘’THIMUN procedure’’ committee your job is tough and challenging. Do not forget that along with your resolution, everyone will have one and can submit to the voting.


Author: Merve Ceren Cırağ

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D.Team Leader: Sezen ÖZKALP

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