How to Balance the MUN Carrier and School Life by Nefin ZENGİN

How to Balance the MUN Carrier and School Life

MUN is something that we do with a great passion and enthusiasm. It is just like the treasure that you were looking for to express yourself. But like every beautiful thing it has some drawbacks which show itself in your school-life.
Going to MUN conferences may give the energy to you to maintain your life but after an MUN conference when you go to school and realize the big amount of the lessons that you have missed and the coming exams (maybe you missed that and have to resit a harder one) and quizzes (that you were not informed “as you were in a conference”) the homework (there is a chance that you were informed but had no time to do them).

There are so many things that you have missed and as the school life does not stop you have to catch your friends and the topics in every lesson in a short period of time. What are you going to do then? There are five main suggestions that I can give to you. These suggestions that I will be giving might be so basic and simple but I suppose they are useful.

1 First – Schedule your conference according to the school!

Firstly, if you go to a conference which is being held in your exam week or days that makes things much harder as you will have to resist another one -harder one. The only and basic solution for you to apply conferences according to your exam schedule if you are applying individually if not, there is nothing that you can do. In order not to miss any lessons -in my opinion- don’t apply to a conference which is one week before your exam week. I reckon that is even worse since in this case, you have to sit for an exam which you don’t know the topics.

2 Second – Get prepared for your homework and exams!

Secondly, conference time is the time that you are really stressful, you have so many things in your mind, you must be really tired and don’t have time to think about lessons, homework, quizzes… due to the resolutions, clauses or maybe the gossips that you have in mind. To solve these problems: before the conference, go and talk to your teacher and explain the situation. Learn if there will be any quizzes or the lesson topics from her/ him in order to study them and the planned homework-if there are the pages that they are going go through at the time that you won’t be at school to do then and study with the help of them (if you will have time-probably won’t)

3 Third – Keep in touch with your classmates!

Thirdly, in a conference, you just become a separate student from your school and unaware about the school stuff, homework, lesson subjects, quizzes, exams… You became an escaped lion from the zoo and went its own habitat but forget the rules and requirements of the zoo. So that if you want to prevent this you shouldn’t lose your contact with your classmates. Call or text them everyday evening when you are in a conference and get information about homework and stuff.

4 Fourth – Study extra for the missing topics!

Fourthly, in a conference, it’s obvious that you are going to miss some lessons and -probably- won’t be able to catch the class in a short period of time. So my suggestion for you is to study the subjects that you have already learned day by day or study before the conference to shorten the period of time which is for you to catch your classmates.

5 Fifth – Don’t be harsh on yourself – Be happy!

As the last advice I want to remind you that you can do everything but not in the same time so -to me- the important thing is to find your balance as Koi FRESCO says ‘’Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel they all require awareness and through the awareness, we can grow.’’Find the balance that you need in your life. And don’t be harsh on yourself as you are a human being and cannot be a robot which can do everything and can’t be happy and can’t understand the power of happiness.

To sum up,

Basically apply for the conferences according to your exam schedule,talk with your teachers before the conference and explain the situation,do not lose your contact with your school-mates during the conference,study day by day or revise the topics which are important or you didn’t understand and most importantly don’t forget that while we are in this beautiful world that we found the opportunity to express ourselves and share ideas, learn so many things in different ways, we just get lost and forget about school and blame ourselves for this(which has no reason as nobody or nothing is guilty) I hope the suggestions that I gave will be helpful in your school life while attending conferences. Have nice conferences.


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