Tips for writing a position paper when your country doesn’t have a policy! Written by Katerina Kask

Tips for writing a position paper when your country doesn’t have a policy!

So… you found a conference you want to go, you applied and everything is fine until the moment when an email arrives and informs you about the country that has been assigned to you. Sadness and anxiety hit you when you realize that your country doesn’t have a policy concerning the topics of your committee. And then, to make things even worse you receive another email in order for you to submit your position paper… Seems familiar? Panic no more. Below you will find all the tips you need to write the best position paper even if it seems like your country doesn’t have a policy.

1.Don’t lose your enthusiasm.

It’s important to not let this destroy the excitement that comes with every new MUN. MUNs are supposed to be fun! So, stay positive. After all, there is nothing you can’t do!!!

  1. Stick to the plan.

When you are trying to draft a position paper and you feel like you have nothing to write, you might start writing an essay instead, so stick to the instructions provided to you by your chairs. Don’t write a huge introduction and conclusion to cover up the fact that you haven’t included many solutions! It will make everything worse by making obvious how disproportionate your position paper is.

  1. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep it simple.

No.2 and 3. go hand in hand. The good vocabulary is always a plus when writing any document but there is no need for you to go to the extremes. Keep it simple.

  1. Good research.

More often than not, just googling your country and the topic will not prove to be helpful. You will probably need to search deeper than that. Your study guide will most probably have a section concerning all the implemented UN Resolutions, Conventions etc. So, your first job should, of course, be to check whether or not your country has signed and/or ratified these documents. The next thing you should do is visit the UN website and check the proceedings of the General Assembly sessions. Find the resolutions you need and then click the hyperlink below the votes. During the sessions, many countries take the floor to express their opinion. You might some hidden gems there concerning your policy as countries decide to speak even if the topic doesn’t affect them or interest them at all. And even if that doesn’t prove to be helpful, remember that your country might have taken steps to tackle the issue on a national level first or has adopted measures that are related to your topic. Therefore, the ministries’ websites are your best friend.

  1. Visit YouTube.

For non-GA Committees, it might be difficult to find proceedings in a written form. Committees, UN bodies like the Security Council or other organizations upload recordings of their sessions. They might prove to be helpful. Just stick to that. Don’t lose your focus and start watching cute animals.

  1. Think out of the box.

In the worst scenario where none of the boxes doesn’t help just improvise. Find your close allies and research their policy and the measures they have adopted or implemented. Either take these proposals, adapt them to your country and put them in your position paper or try to see them as inspiration in order to come with your own better solutions.



  1. Discuss the topics with friends, relatives, and professors.

It never hurts to ask for some help. Discuss the issues with people you know. Trying to explain the topics to someone else will help you understand them better and might even be easier to come up with solutions after that. Moreover (because reading the same stuff over and over again doesn’t help), the might provide you with a fresh perspective and propose solutions you’ve never heard before. Just remember to adapt them to your country’s general policy.

The above list, of course, is not exhaustive but they can work as a guideline when you feel helpless in front of an empty word document thinking what you should write. I hope it helps. Stay focused and positive during your research as good preparation will lead to the best during the conference. It will reduce any MUN related stress during the conference, you will feel way more confident and you will end up doing great. Remember, the delegate makes the country. It’s in your hands.

Have fun at your conference!

Katerina Kask

The Writer Team of

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