CKMUN’18 Review – Written by Elis ODABAŞI

CKMUN’18 Review – Written by Elis ODABAŞI

Hey! It’s me your favorite MUNTurkey writer and fellow MUNER. I was the deputy chair of JCC partisan side at CKMUN18. You may or may not recognize this outrageous conference since it was held in Izmir Cihat Kora Anatolian high school.  It was held on 20-23 January 2018 at  Karşıyaka Cihat Kora Anatolian High school.

To start off with actually this conference wasn’t on my MUN calendar. My twin, my fellow ICB(International Court of Blondes) member Defne Lal Saygili asked me to join her CKMUN18 journey since she doesn’t want to attend by herself. My answer was “sure but I’m broke” after begging my mother thousands of times she said okay. It was one of the best decisions that my mother ever made. Then I contacted the secretary general of the conference. She accepted me as the deputy chair of JCC government side. She was so helpful. After entering the WhatsApp group I saw that one of my friends from past conferences as the president chair of the partisan side. We kindly asked secretariat for me to change sides. Thanks to her I became the deputy chair of JCC partisan side. 

We had low expectations since it was in Izmir. Doruk and I were so ambitious that we could not resist being the failed side we asked the Secretariat to form a WhatsApp group before the conference with the delegates in order to teach them what JCC is. After talking with some of the delegates we were scared to fail because most of them were first-timers.

19th January 2018 the day was came to meet with our delegates. before that, there was the opening ceremony. It was a great opening because Doruk and I started to shoot the secretary general while she was giving her speech. After the opening we get to meet our delegates at our committee they easily adapt to the situations at the best way possible, they bombed everywhere they possibly can, they even kidnapped Aldo Moro’s twin children and many many more crazy ideas.

They were almost (underline the almost part) as crazy as Doruk and I. I’ve even baked potatoes by burning directives in gossip box and made a flamethrower with a deodorant that is given by our lovely journalist. After day 3 the delegates were sending me real bomb recipes via WhatsApp. The committee was again ALMOST the perfect committee for me (since both sides lost). My only concern was I am a vegetarian and there wasn’t a vegetarian option at lunches. But the crisis team, organization team and every team that helped to make this conference as great as it is has a place in my heart.Overall it was a conference that I’ll never forget.

For next year I highly recommend my fellow MUNER s to apply this astonishing conference in order to have a great experience!


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