12th Graders vs MUN Career by Lara Melis BÜYÜKCEYLAN


”Model United Nations” only 3 words and 18 letters but means a lot in lots of people’s life. Some of this people improve themselves maybe they met with the love of their life or maybe they just had a crush on someone maybe they had the most amazing or most boring time in the sessions but somehow it had a role in their life. Maybe at the beginning, you said I don’t understand anything, why is that delegate always saying ”Present and Voting” or ”I”? Maybe you said why are we always in lobbying time? Maybe you said am I here for nothing? But at the end of the conference, you saw what MUN meant something on people’s life.

You realize that they cry and get emotional. Maybe you said this isn’t for me but somehow you tried and MUN made people decide what they want to do or what they don’t want to. It made some of these people to decide if they want to keep doing mun or not and if you had an emotion when you saw the topic you’re one of those people that loved and that wants to keep doing MUN. Probably you thought that ”exams, homework, exams and exams again” If you are a senior I can understand how you feel. You are unstable. You see all of the Mun’s that share photos and deadlines for applications. You are just one click away to send your application but you stop yourself just because you think you shouldn’t.

I believe and think that if people can manage their time they can have ”their own time” to do the stuff they want to. MUN is one of them. You can study and also attend the conferences. Maybe not as much as you did before but still you can.If you are a 12th grader, 11th grader, 10th or 9th even prep you can manage your time! Have a schedule for yourself. Do not put it in the deep parts of your room. Keep it with you. Have your daily schedule. Sometimes you might not comply with your schedule %100 but still, I think it will help you.

In your exam year try to relax and have your goal. If you have a goal then you can manage your time much better. Just don’t forget that you’re important! You can improve yourself in any way. Yes exactly MUN is one of them but if you really don’t have the time then don’t worry MUN won’t be mad at you because when you have the time and if you want to attend to conferences. MUN will hug you and it will say Welcome Back Missed You! But until they have a schedule. See if you can do MUN. It depends on you. If you have to study but also if you want to join MUN then in your free time study more! Some may say that study, study, study but remind yourself that you will need some time to yourself and you can use MUN as your free time. Just be sure that you can catch up with school and everything.

You will or you may feel bored and disgusted from all the things you have to do but again remind yourself to relax and be aware of the fact that it’s normal to take a deep breath to have a big glass of water and tell yourself ”You Can Do It”. Seriously if you can listen or work on all of the resolutions, if you can pass all of the papers and waters as an admin (i prefer to say HR) if you can keep saying ”Delegate Please Yield The Floor!” if you can take care of all of the issues you have in your conference YOU CAN DO IT. Take your time, take your schedule and just keep pushing yourself because after a while you will be the one that can say ”I worked, I deserved and I did it!’ ‘So if you think you can at least attend one conference, if you think it won’t affect your goal why not attend it? Don’t let anyone decide for you. Be kind to express yourself but also be aware of yourself.

So as a 12th grader and as a MUNer I can say that only you can manage your time (except you have a manager) and yourself (this one is only about you, not the manager) Keep working and keep studying but also relax. Have a goal! Have a schedule! And manage your time!

”Model United Nations” only 3 words 18 letters. MUN will be here and it will be glad to have you.

I wish everyone to have a nice school year. All of the 12th graders think the competition you’re in as a debate 🙂 And yield your floor (12th grade) with good vibes!


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