How Did We Get There? Written by Csaba Nagy Perez

How Did We Get There? Written by Csaba Nagy Perez

They say: “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

My MUN experience started a while back in 2010. I was a third grader when my mum who was an English teacher that time, came up with an idea and introduced it to Reagan Light who was the Head of English Department at Robert College. Preparations were made and RCIMUN had been started. For me that meant a long ride from Florya to Robert College with mum, spending days visiting committees, preparing her students’ speeches for Opening and Closing Ceremonies, watching her working on Panels.

Did you ever ask yourself how all this thing happened in this short of time? Why are we there? And how the heck did we get there?

Probably, these are the questions which are unable to be answered at times. Well, I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Every single relationship that you had during MUN conferences. Every single moment that you have shared with your friends. Even every single conversation that you have made with your friends.

I still smile when I remember how I met one of my best friends, Deniz during KALMUN 2017. To be honest, until IELMUN 2017, I really didn’t care who he is. We were in the same committee with 96 other delegates. I was presenting my resolution in the Plenary Session, which couldn’t have been a success without the help of my lovely friends (Defne, Kaan, Bilge, Elis, Deniz…) I had to answer to all these foolish questions such as; “If you are taking part in the Environmental Committee, why are you still using paper to prepare and present your resolution? “That’s how I exactly met with my family.


IELMUN 2017 was an unforgettable conference which I received my appellation “JILET”. We were in the GA Committee with 60 other delegates. I was representing Italy and I really didn’t know why we had more than a hundred gossips such as; ‘’Jilet Italy’’, ‘’iftar’’ time for Istanbul, JILET time for Italy’’…After that lovely but also weird issue, I met the weirdest guy and probably the most dangerous guy that I have ever met… Erim. (One of the Co-founders of Carpe Mortem).


It was hard to survive in the same room with Erim&Deniz for four days during HPALMUN 2018. Especially with Erim. I still have some issue’s that I couldn’t figure out. How did we sleep in a 15 sqm room with more than 10 people+1 Erim? How did we manage not to get an official warning? Well, I was pretty much close to have gotten one from the SG because of him. Imagine a friend sleeping like a bear, roaring, and drinking like a drizzly. I spent more than two hours trying to wake him up. We missed the first 2 sessions and paid over two hundred Turkish Liras for cabs in 3 days.

It will almost be my third year as an MUN’er. I met so many people during MUN conferences. I have started to see them as members of my family.

Especially the “Siyah Ruj Team”. Imagine a team which you are always on their side. From the beginning to the end. But they still do not accept you as a part of this team (Special Thanks to Miss Odabaşı). However, while I’m with them, I feel at home.

However, it was not just the good memories. This must be the foremost thing that I have ever learned in my life. Family means a lot to me and these guys mean a lot to me more than ever. They are the ones who back me up when I fall. They are the ones who supported me all the time. As a person, it is possible to make mistakes but when I made mistakes, they didn’t judge me, they were always there for me. They accepted me the way I am. I couldn’t forget how I cried when I saw my sister months later in HPALMUN. I couldn’t forget how we got out of our room at 6 a.m. and we sat in the lobby with Deniz (Emu). I couldn’t forget the punches that came from Elis (sometimes, still feel the soreness of my teeth because of it). I couldn’t forget the adventure while we were trying to go to Moda. I couldn’t forget the sleepover with Melisa and Selin. I’m sure that it’s going to be really hard for me to end my MUN career, but hopefully, there is still time for that. I just want to say that in this article, they will always be there for me. And I can guarantee that I will be there for them. And with the help of MUN Turkey, we will be there for you…

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