Special Interview with Ana Milivojevic: a Worldwide Known MUN Enthusiast from Belgrade & MUNFashion Team: Hey Ana! We are so grateful to you for accepting our interview offer. Is it possible for you to introduce yourself to the MUN community in Turkey briefly?

  • Hello MUNTurkey, thank you for reaching out to me. Sure. My name is Ana Milivojevic, I am a 21-year-old MUN enthusiast from Belgrade, Serbia. I have been doing MUNs for already 6 years now, mainly as a part of organizing team or a chairperson, MUNs have given me the opportunity to travel around the world and visit cities that I most likely wouldn’t choose myself as travel destinations. I am a student of Faculty of Economics, I have finished music school in the area of Solo singing and the bass. Another fun fact about me is that English is like my native language. ­čśÇ & MUNFashion Team: You are widely known by MUNers all over the world. So far you have attended many MUN conferences. Could you please tell us about the top MUN conference you have ever seen by now?

  • I would have to say that by the venue of the conference top 2 for sure are the FWWMUN in New York and VIMUN in Vienna as both of these conferences took place at the United Nations buildings, but if I would have to pick the conference that had the highest academic and organization level that would with no doubt be BIMUN in Belgrade. It has nothing to do with it being my first MUN experience but I have never been to an MUN that followed the rules so strictly and that had that level of passion in it. I have quit BIMUN organization team last year due to a new project I had to do but it will always have a special place in my heart. & MUNFashion Team: Your amazing style and beauty can be seen very obviously. Many MUNers in the world may be inspired by your style. Could you please define your style and choice of clothes to our followers?

  • ^^ Well thank you very much. ­čśÇ After a few years of MUNs and formal dress code you begin to get bored by the basic white shirt and black suit kind of style, and you start to try out different styles. I can’t really describe my style I just like to try out different things and see what suits me best. I believe that not everyone could pull out everything, sometimes even I laugh at myself when I see something online that I like and try to copy it. That is why I believe it is just important to find yourself and to make it suit your personality, it is not about the brand and about the amount the money you spend for a certain outfit it just has to do with whether you can pull it off or not. ­čśÇ & MUNFashion Team: When it comes to MUN, participants of the conference must pay attention to their outfit. As one of the most successful MUN stylist, what would be your suggestions for the MUNers choosing their outfit?

  • Definitely, I believe it is the most important thing, apart from following the rules, so nothing provocative, if you can pull off green skirt than I would love to see you in it. I love people who follow the rules but still have enough style to pull off something not that common and new. When it comes to guys even if it’s wearing different funky socks or a tie, maybe some colourful shoes I think it is cool as guys tend to dress plainly as they don’t have a lot of choices. But girls on the other hand, skirts, blazers, dresses, heels, hair etc. there are a lot more things girls can change in order to bring something new to their look. ­čÖé & MUNFashion Team: We know that you have visited the USA a short while ago. What can you say about your visit and the MUN fashion in the USA? Do MUNers in the USA follow a different style in the dressing?

  • Not in particular. From my experience, I don’t think that it has to do with where you come from as much as it has to do with a specific individual. In the US best-dressed people were very diverse when it comes to their origin. I don’t think they follow a certain style I believe that they have a little bit more to choose as their shopping is not as limited as it is in some Europian countries, but I still believe that people from Europe have a better sense for style :p & MUNFashion Team: Recently, companies like Zara, H&M and Stradivarius have been highly influential in the textile industry. As a successful MUNer, what are your favourite brands?

  • I love Zara. I believe it is the perfect balance between quality and price, and there is something for everyone. I am not a big fan of H&M or Stradivarius but that’s just me. Guess is one of my favourite brands next to Zara, it can be a little bit expensive but if you like to save money and spend it wisely like me than you can wait for the sales and find some really good pieces for way smaller price ­čÖé & MUNFashion Team: Most people usually have an idol to follow. When it comes to fashion, there might be a lot of people who affect you. Is there anyone who inspires you in fashion?

  • I never thought of it so I guess I don’t have an idol. In my free time, I usually like the street style so my formal and informal wear are very different and as such, they don’t fit a single person that I know. I love the style of Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell for the formals and I would have to say Sandra Hagelstam in general. & MUNFashion Team: Do you have any message for the followers of & MUNFashion?

  • I am really bad at this, so no haha ­čśÇ but if you have any questions feel free to ask me ^^

As PR Team, we thank you very much for giving us this interview opportunity!

Best wishes, & MUNFashion PR Teams

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