MUN Culture in Anltalya by Selin DUYAR

     Greetings,’s readers. In this article, I will guide you through a perfect conference destination to expand that experience list of yours. I would like to start by introducing myself. I am Selin DUYAR, and I have been attending MUN conferences for over five years now. I have had both academic and organizational experiences thus; I am confident in inviting you to Antalya to experience one of your best conferences.

We have a very family-like MUN community in Antalya. We always support each other, and each conference. I believe the reason behind it is our warm-blooded nature. We host over ten conferences each year; some of them being annual conferences, and some of them being newborn conferences. Each conference is organized in harmony with both the academic and organization team’s skillful hands. With MUN becoming more popular around Turkey, most conferences forgot what these conferences were for, and at some point, people started to profit from them. Once I was told “quality over quantity “and I believe it is our motto for our MUN community. Instead of hosting tons of participants or organizing these events at a high cost, we try to achieve satisfaction to fulfill the desire of quality.

Antalya stands out for its academic department. Our MUNers who take positions in the academy have a good understanding of hierarchy. Our seniors worked really hard to achieve a MUN culture in Antalya. They worked us hard to bring us to the point to leave us their legacy. Now it is our duty to work our juniors and teach them and keep the MUN culture. So, we can also say Antalya is a great destination for you to develop your academic skills as well.

We mostly use Harvard Procedure but some conferences like TAMUN use THIMUN Procedure. We prefer different agenda items in order to keep delegates interested rather than going with the classic agenda items. Our crisis committees also have a reputation. We have a great interest in those committees considering our experienced and well-informed academic
members about history as well as fantasy committees.

I think the most crucial part of a conference is the organization part. The team has to have a good understanding of teamwork and help each department out. Luckily, we have a really strong organization department. Everyone knows how to manage crises and solve the issue in a short while. Besides academic satisfaction, our conferences do their best to achieve organizational satisfaction as well. To fulfill participants’ needs and wills, we get lots of support from our local shops and sponsors. Considering the fact that most of the MUNers are high school students, the average attendance price is around 70-80 TL; so, Antalya is a great destination choice for your wallet too.  If you take a look at the organization team’s members in Antalya, you can name some hardworking and very experienced MUNers. And with all my respect to all those names, I can assure you nothing but a smooth conference. Also, we are known for our famous coffee break activity with GREAT interest “Just Dance ”.

With such a large family, we started things in our separate ways. The first known MUN club belongs to Adem Tolunay Anatolian Highschool, and the second known MUN club belongs to Antalya Anatolian Highschool. After those clubs, nearly every public and private high school started their MUN club. Most of these clubs are still active and have workshops with their members. We get many delegation applications from these clubs as well as a few international ones, but we usually get applications within Turkey.  I recommend you to attend our annual conferences such as; ATALMUN, AALMUN and a potential annual one KCMUN. These conferences have their own reputation for being good at both academy and organization, they are also the first ones to organize the very first MUN conferences in Antalya. Being able to see their development as a conference over the years is an honor for me since I started my MUN journey with them. I believe with these conferences you can really see the quality of conferences in Antalya.

In the end, conferences differ from place to place but overall, it is a great opportunity to develop friendships and networks. Now I have attended both national and international conferences and I find out that I had the sincerest friendships and good networks in Antalya. Not just because it is my hometown and I happen to know people around here but for the hospitality of people around here. We host many people from other cities, and they always end up loving the city and the conference. Even if you attend a conference on your own, you never end up being alone. So, I can only suggest you pack your suit and come join our MUN community in Antalya.


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