How To Open And Run An MUN Club By Melisa Ceylin GÖNEN


How To Open And Run An MUN Club By Melisa Ceylin GÖNEN

We all participate in Model UN and enjoy the time that is spent there. At the beginning and the end of the conference, we watch videos of preparation. But do we ever wonder how did they prepare this conference? What was the first step? How is the organization team so synced? Well, one of the main factors is that this organization probably has a school MUN club. But how does one open and run a MUN club?

Since we’re talking now, you should all know that starting a MUN club is difficult but not impossible. With the necessary hard work and passion, you can and will be able to start a club of your own. Firstly, some schools already have pre-clubs that are chosen at the beginning of the semester example, my school provided a MUN club for 9th and 10th graders where some schools MUN clubs are formed with fellow MUNers. Now let’s get to the basics of forming a MUN club. Firstly, make sure that your school has students who know what MUN is (because you don’t want to be a one-man club) and is willing to participate in such an organization.

Starting with a small circle will help the club form at its basics and then later evolve. Usually, since the club members are at the same school, they know one another. If it is not, don’t worry, after all, MUN is also a great opportunity to meet and make new friends. Find a motivated group is key for a successful club. After you’ve gathered your circle head on down to the principal’s office. It’s important to inform and get permission from a superior before doing anything on behalf of a school’s name. If you and your crew can explain yourselves and explain what the aim is of this club, the principal is most likely to grant you permission. After its A-OK you can start your club, but this is just the beginning!

Running a MUN club requires discipline, motivation, and dedication. All students must do their part for the club to run smoothly. After it is final that you shall open your club, you need to start building the crew. The first that should be done is pick a “president” and “vice-president”. This may be one of the most important choices that shall occur in the beginning but still be a huge effect later. You may either talk with all the group members and come to the decision of who will be who or select candidates and go to vote. The one with the most votes being president and the one with the second most votes being vice-president. It’s important to remember that the two members who are selected for this position will not be bosses but leaders. In the beginning, it’s also very important to include students who are aware of the hard work and the topics that will be discussed. Cause if not it will lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

Now that you are ready it’s time to talk about the dos and don’ts for the club the run smoothly.

  • First, listen to everything and anything that is being spoken and discussed in the club.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. If you have an idea or something you don’t agree with you should state it. It will help to see more points of views.
  • Don’t be closed or against to new ideas, it just may be the key to everything. Arrange meetings regularly and try not to miss them. Include everyone inside the group, don’t leave anybody out!

You can try to convince students to join your club which will help your community grow. Since you are interested in opening and running a MUN club lets also add some extras to what you can/will do. You can go to other MUN conferences as a delegation and learn new information that will improve yourself and your environment.

But let’s think even bigger. After a time has passed you can even start your own MUN conference! Since you and the other group members will be experienced delegates it would be a whole new level to be the organization team of a conference. All of this can be possible with the right work, people and aims. Don’t be afraid to step up and in when hard times ask for help. You can ask for advice from superiors or friends that have gone through the same road. You’ll be surprised at what it’ll bring.

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