5 Things to Pay Attention to While Attending MUNs by Darciă Su Yegit

5 Things to Pay Attention to While Attending MUNs

So, your first MUN, pretty exciting right? So many things to do and so many people to meet, a lot of formal words and so many papers all around… Thrilling! You might have applied as a delegation or you might have applied as a delegate on your own. Or you might even be an experienced old dog like me. All the things I wrote are just the superficial parts. But if you read it till the end you will get my point. So without going further, here are things you should avoid doing and pay attention to at MUN’s.

1. Don’t stress it out

Seriously, It’s a maximum 5-day activity with a lot of things going on within it. One comes one goes. Stressing yourself out about the MUN will lead to failure. You stress about the Opening Speech, you end up falling on your way to the board or pronounce ridiculously wrong due to the stress. You stress about the resolution paper, you trust the wrong people who say they have it covered, and there goes your main submitter name. Stressing yourself out is a mistake but alongside this, you shouldn’t be “Yea man it’s going to be great…” chill either. Try to understand the sweet balance of the formal chill. Read about the MUN, the Study Guides, and the topics and get a hold of the MUN. Try contacting people that you know are in the MUN community. Do your research. Finding the sweet spot is the key in MUN’s for sure. And for this case, it is none other.


2. Take it seriously


If you are only at the MUN for the certificate, should you really be there? On a real level, most chairs will personally call the inactive members to the board. If you are only there for the certificate you are unlikely to enjoy it and should ask yourself “Should I really pay money and take up space in a committee to just sleep in uncomfortable clothes in order to get a certificate?” Take the topic seriously, MUN might seem fun and all sweet but it requires seriousness even in Fandom JCC’s. Do your research. Find out how diplomats act and adapt it to you. The way you act sets an idea of how seriously the other delegates will take you and I don’t think anyone would want to be in that position.

3. The things you carry with you are unnecessary

Yes, a computer, some hygiene and self-care products along with a couple other things are needed. But don’t go overboard. Do you really need that brick-sized notepad? Or do you really need to carry the whole of Sephora in your bag? When preparing for an MUN all those materials are necessary to a limit. The real thing you need to carry with you to MUN’s is an attitude. The attitude you put out says it all and people can tell a lot. But don’t be a know-it-all just because you know a couple of things. Try confidence, not pride. Carry yourself with grace and therefore your materials like a winner. You know that there will be pens and notepads served at the MUN. And if you didn’t you know now so pack with that in mind from now on.


4. Socializing should not overpower the purpose


MUN’s have become a nice place to socialize with people who may have the same level of intellectual knowledge as you but don’t let it get in the way. Your focus should never be people. It should be the topic and yourself. You go there for yourself. You go there to improve yourself. But you shouldn’t just focus on the committee because that kills the fun parts and will probably end up making you stressed and therefore lead to bad things. Find the right ratio of Socializing and Attending. Until you find it you might be late a few times but you can just send a notepaper to the board as an apology for your late attendance.


5. Can’t live without them, can’t live with them…


I’m talking about alliances. You will probably end up weak without them and end up overly questioned or forced with them. Pay attention to your position and make alliances accordingly. Your position is everything to you. Play your cards right and don’t be afraid to ask things you don’t know. It’s not as serious as a funeral after all… Just use formal language and be kind when asking. Since the position means a lot you do to and therefore you should be careful about your words.

You made it to the end of the article. These are personal tips I have gathered throughout my MUN experience some may apply to some people some may not. With all in mind, we are different people with different purposes for attendance. I hope these help you as they have to me.

Sincere wishes,


Su Yegit

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