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Special Interview with MHALMUN: A conference that you do not want to miss!

1. Hello MHALMUN 2018 Team, Could you please tell us more about Academic and Organization Team Members?

MHALMUN 2018 Team: Hello, first of all, we would love to thank for this interview and giving us the opportunity of introducing MHALMUN18. Our Academic and Organization Team includes students from 9th, 10th, 11th graders. Our main aim is to choose our members from students who will work for this conference day and night and ready to gain experiences, which describes our current Academic and Organization Team.

2. you please tell about more BALIKESİR and Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School and the most beautiful places to visit? Especially we would like to hear more about attractions of BALIKESİR?

MHALMUN 2018 Team: Our school, Muharrem Hasbi Anatolian High School, is located in the city centre and it is one of the most well-established schools in Balıkesir. Also, Balıkesir has lots of attractions since it has a long history. When you visit Balıkesir, you may visit Clock Tower and Kuvayi Milliye Museum which are in the city centre. Or you may visit Cunda Island which is a bit far away from city centre. There are still so many places in Balıkesir to visit that I can not list.

3. Here it comes the most important part! We are all excited to learn about your MUN career and MUN Club. How did you start? 

MHALMUN 2018 Team: Our club has officially established in the year of 2016. After that, we participated in many conferences in different cities. Our MUN career has started a few years ago. After our first year of establishment, we have participated in different conferences in different cities. Currently, there are 52 members take place at our MUN club. There is a process when new members want to enrol. Every year, at the beginning of the term, we hold a conference in order to introduce MUN and our club. After that, for the ones who want to apply, we give application forms. When time is over for handling the forms, there comes the exams. First, we have a written exam for the ones who apply. In the written exam, we check the level of English. After written exam, we have a speaking exam. In the speaking exams, we check our applicants’ knowledge on general culture, international relations, politics besides checking the ability to speak a foreign language. When the examination process is over, the ones who pass they become a member. Then they have the education of MUN procedure. When the education is over, we hold a conference for 2 days for our new members in order to understand what they really learnt and help the practice their theological knowledge. So, there is a really long process of choosing our new members.

4. 2018 Team, what kind of things will the advisors attending MHALMUN 2018 have? 

MHALMUN 2018 Team: There will be a waiting room for advisors where they will have a chance to chat with other advisors and have something to eat and drink. Also, advisors will be able to attend sessions for a couple of minutes to see their students’ participation. 

5. people should attend MHALMUN 2018? What are the key factors waiting for the delegates of MHALMUN 2018?

MHALMUN 2018 Team: First of all we have our committees in different experience levels which makes our conference a really good option for both possible participant, experienced or a first timer. And Under Secretary Generals and Academic Assistants are MUNers who have achieved a distinct success and been in an Academic Board for many times. Besides that, in our first year, our Organization Team works really hard for making this conference happen with a minimum risk of mistakes and they organizing different social events to make those 4 days an unforgettable conference. Last but not the least, we are so sure that MHALMUN18 is a conference that you do not want to miss.

6. MUN, members of would like to know you more. Could you please mention your favourite Movies, Tv Series, Bands and Foods?

MHALMUN 2018 Team: In fact, it is so hard to find favourites in common. But there is one thing that majority of our members love, Harry Potter. Harry Potter is one of our favourite movie and novel series of course. On the other hand, we have different choices about music bands, series or food.

7. you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

MHALMUN 2018 Team: We believe that is a really effective platform for both MUN participants and MUN organizers. It is possible to have so many information about MUN conferences or MUN generally on its website. We would love to thank for having such a big role in the improvement of MUN society.


As PR Team, we thank you very much MHALMUN Executive Team for giving this amazing chance to have an interview with them! 

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