How to Lead the Committee as a Power Delegate

Being a delegate in a Model United Nations Conference might be frightening or enjoyable depending upon your stress and other external factors. But as a MUN’er with a lot of experiences, I can say that there is nothing to be afraid of at all. There are few golden clues I can give to future delegates and anyone who are instructing delegates. Basically and briefly, anyone who follows the path that I will be writing will be a successful delegate in the committee.

As a very brief and basic pre-knowledge of our way to success begins with the background knowledge and research which the golden base to be successful. When you get the most of the points of the agenda item, then you have to be an entrepreneur to give points and motions in order to have psychological supremacy and for yourself too. Lastly, contributing to resolutions actively will let you have different supremacy and lead the committee as a delegate.

1. Background Research and Prior Knowledge

As have mentioned before, the prior knowledge is our golden key to be successful. Additionally, this prior research does not just refer to your own allocation only. The most appropriate and useful background research can only be done with researching nearly all of the allocations relation with the agenda item. Especially, researching the ones that have a high relation with the agenda item will let you have a higher advantage for leading the committee. If you are asking the Five W’s (What, Where, When, Who, Why, How) for doing this research, I have explained how to make this research properly in my prior article, “How to win an award in a MUN?” which you can find in my profile,

2. Getting Involved in the Debate and Committee

If you have completed the background research and understood the agenda item very deeply, you are now ready to get involved in the committee and use this background information like your most powerful weapon. But unfortunately, it is not enough by just itself. You also have to use your social skills to fire your prior knowledge to the committee. Therefore, on the basis of mutual diplomatic courtesy, you have to use your social skills on a conversation which are, talking effectively and rationally, persuasiveness, showing proofs and evidence can be your skills which you should be developing.


Believing in yourself will let you lead the committee and may even make you award-winning delegate. If you follow these golden tips, I bet there is nothing else to be afraid of. If you have any questions, you can find my details on my writer page. Thank you for reading, good luck!

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