8 Important Tips to Get an Award by Rümeysa ÖZSAĞLICAK

8 Important Tips to Get an Award by Rümeysa ÖZSAĞLICAK

Hello, MUNTURKEY.COM’s reader! I am Rümeysa and in this article, I will tell you how to get the best delegate award. Before the steps and planning, I would like to motivate you and mention my MUN story a little bit. I have only 2 MUN experience! At my first time, I won honourable mentioned and at my second conference, I won the best delegate award. Here is my story…

Last year, I have heard some club in our school: MUN! and I really really scared about it since you are being a diplomat and the official language is English. I was thinking like “No. I can’t do it, talking about policies in English. WHAT!”

Then I decided to attend it because all my friends joined many conferences and they had so much fun. I trusted myself and I just gave a try. Luckily, I had an advantage because I learned all the procedure from my friends before the conference. Only thing I needed was just self-confidence.

Anyway, I took an action and my friends motivated me. Then, I talked a lot, presented a lot of solutions. Finally, I got my award. At my second experience, I wrote 2 resolution papers for 2 different topics and won the best delegate. I guess that’s all. Now I want to give some motivation! After that, We are going to celebrate your award together! Don’t forget to call me!

Before we start 🙂

You should be aware of that If you want to be successful in MUN you MUST be confident. You must speak aloud so that you can catch the attention of other delegates and board of the committee. And this situation can only be provided by self-confident. Also other delegates AREN’T better than you are. You are exactly in the same position with the other delegates. So, you should relax. Maybe your ideas will be so beneficial for debate how do we know? Every idea is important so you should mention it in your speeches. Just raise your placard and talk. You can make grammar mistakes or you can make wrong pronounces during your speech. It is NORMAL don’t be shy because of meaningless thoughts. You are young and human. It is very normal to make mistakes; nobody will judge or underestimate you. They have no right to make you feel like trash. TRUST YOURSELF AND ATTACK!
Are you feeling better now? Okay, we have chatted enough. Now, we should pass to the steps for being a best delegate. Our plan has 4 main titles: Preparing, sessions, resolution paper and some general advice for you. Let’s begin!


1) Search your country and committee:

It may be classic to talk like that. I know, but I will give you some tips!

First, check the news with some keywords about your committee and country. Don’t download big pdf’s because their language is generally so hard and confusing. But if you think the pdf’s title looks like beneficial and directly affects your committee’s agenda item you can download and check it.

Secondly, don’t be nervous about your country. I believe the country doesn’t matter. Also, it is an advantage because sometimes your country can oblige to defend something opposite to your own ideas but don’t forget that you are not yourself in MUN, you are the delegate of your country. Also, this situation will teach you to think and evaluate the incidents in a large perspective in your daily life. So don’t feel depressed and start to work!

Anyway, you searched for your topic and took some notes etc.

Thirdly you should search your committee (Generally it writes in study guide)If your committee is a part of UN you can decide new laws, creating new commissions, punishment laws etc. in your solutions, but if it is not a UN committee (such as DISEC, SOCHUM, OIC etc.) you have no right to decide to create something new. Keep this in mind!

2) Focus on your solutions:

Before the conference, you should prepare some solution and ideas. I advise you not to talk about the problem’s reasons many times, it is not useful. I guess 2 speeches will be enough for reasons but if there is a wrong understanding about the reason in the committee, you should fix it before mentioning your solutions. As you can see from the title, you should focus on your solutions.


“The best delegate means a person who finds the efficient and realistic solutions for the agenda item and the one who is a part of resolution paper.”

While you are preparing your solutions, keep in mind your country’s policy and committee.


3) Raise your placard and talk!

You trusted yourself, raised your placard! It is time for standing up now! You should know a few things while you are delivering your speech in the committee. You should turn to other delegates, look into their eyes, make your voice loud and try to influence them. If you do so, they will always listen to you and try to be in the same block as you. Similarly, not only delegates but also your chair board will also start to pay their attention to you if you present new ideas, solutions, good defence etc. Okay, you caught their attention, now your new duty is to send message paper to other delegates and start to create your block. LOBBYING IS IMPORTANT!

4) Creating block and lobbying

While you are in sessions, you should send message papers to other country’s delegates who have the same policies or ideas with you. I call this “lobbying” and it is really important because the end of these days you will write resolution paper and if you don’t have enough signatories your paper will collapse and your best delegate award will collapse either. So you should begin your lobbying in the first day and meet with people!

5) Unmoderated Caucus

I know you think like “why unmod’s are important to become the best delegate?” now BUT It is really significant because unmod means show time to me (lol). You created your block now you should dominate them. By this way, your chair board realizes you. Get over on the table and call your block to your side to discuss the motion.

6) Communication with your block

You should care about the ideas of your block’s members, listen to them and win their hearts. Don’t forget that using silver tongue always works and of course you should be a good person. Also, everyone is stressful you should motivate them and encourage them to tell their ideas & solutions. DON’T BE OFFENSIVE.

Additionally, I advise you to take some notes about other delegates solutions to your resolution paper. Trust me it is a really useful thing. Because before I start to write a working paper, I always write a summarize of hole speeches & solutions in a paper. It’s kinda a little plan and it will be very beneficial. Anyway, in short, you should be respectful and sweet to your block, pay your attention to them.


Writing a resolution paper is a big step to winning best delegate award. I know it looks kinda scary and hard but when you trust yourself (I believe and trust you) you can achieve everything with your passion and ambition, keep working. Now I will give some advice about resolution paper.

Firstly, you should know clauses’ meanings because using a dictionary will cause losing time and it will make you feel in stress when you are in an unmod. Secondly, work with a plan! The unmoderated caucus is enjoyable but stressful because working paper, draft resolution, and resolution are being written in unmods. If you want to be the best delegate, you should provide your own psychological relaxivity and move impassively. Don’t forget that you have created your block and dominating them, you are the leader of the committee.Y ou should give directions to members of the committee. It means that you should have an effective unmod. So, I advise you to create a plan before having unmod. It will prevent minutes that full of confusion. Get a paper and write all solutions in brief form. I can give more information about resolution paper but our main topic is how to get the best delegate award so you can contact me if you have any questions!


7) Warnings about some mistakes:

First: DON’T raise your placard before your chair to do so. Also, you always should be respectful to the people. Second: You have something to say but your chair didn’t pick you. DON’T raise your placard in an ambitious and unrespectful way. You can break other delegates enthusiasm with this move. Just stay calm and be respectful, you are a diplomat. And the most important one is DON’T lose your seriousness.

8) Know well what is NGO’s and UN bodies

It will be useful for your resolutions sub-clauses!
Here is your best delegate award, congrats! If you have any questions about this article, resolution or if you feel you need some motivation you can contact me whenever you want. I love to be helpful and beneficial for you! Lastly, thank you for paying your time to read my article. Don’t forget to trust yourself and raise your placard!


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