Special Interview with CAKAMUN’19

1. This year it is going to be the first annual session of CAKAMUN’19, however; we know that your team has a lot of experience. Could you please introduce the academic and organization team of the conference?

CAKAMUN ’19: As CAKAMUN, we are beyond excited for our long-time prepared conference. We are confident that it is going to be not only an incredibly enriching experience in Model UN for participants but also the time of their lives.

Defne Salli is our Secretary-General. From humanitarian committees to specialized cabinets in Harvard, she has seen it all. She has a strong history of being a part of many successful Model UN conferences and meticulously selected every member of the senior academic team which consists of successful and known faces of our MUN society.

Polen Light is our director-general. He is exceptional in his event management history, expertise and focuses to detail. His being on the team ensures a smooth and successful conference.

2. Everyone is curious about the committees and agenda items. What is the best committee for the first-timers and experienced delegates?

CAKAMUN ’19: For first-timer participants, we recommend committees like SOCHUM or UN Environmental Program. As for our most experienced delegates, we recommend specialized committees such as The Olympics or the Cabinet of Haile Selassie.

Lastly, if these are not we have historical and fantasy committee alternatives for those looking for a spiced up experience!

3. Could you please give us information about the rules of procedures of CAKAMUN’19?

CAKAMUN ’19: We will be following Harvard procedures regarding our rules. However, in some of our specialized committees, different RoP could be implemented. These will be highlighted in our committee guides.

4. In your welcome letter it is stated that “Our conference will focus on sustainability in all aspects of life: environment, economy, health and policies”. Could we say that the theme of the conference will be based on these aspects of life?

CAKAMUN ’19: Absolutely! We believe that with the drastic political, environmental and societal changes in our decade, it is important to make sure the positive ones are sustained and to come up with sustainable solutions for the negative ones. Even if the agenda items of some committees don’t show, that is the mindset we and our academic members will have and encourage in the committees.

5. How is your delegate acceptance procedure? Will you accept individual delegates or just delegations from high schools and universities? Do you accept first-timers or just experienced delegates?

CAKAMUN ’19: Our delegate acceptance consists of all high-school students who apply individually or with a delegation through our application form, regardless of experience level. We have designed our committees to be inclusive of many skill ranges.

6. There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to be more selective in their preference of the MUN conferences they want to attend and everybody looks for a good reason. From your point of view, why should people take place in this year’s edition of CAKAMUN’19?

CAKAMUN ’19: Because we are going all in to make sure you have the best conference experience along with lots of fun.  Even though we joined the conference stage late, our teams have been MUNers for a very long time, attending conferences all over the world and Turkey. Therefore, there is no doubt that our conference is rooted in high experience levels and talents. Furthermore, we even organized a training conference for our school’s students to attend just to ensure excellence for CAKAMUN. Secondly, in contrast to our peer conferences, our committees deliver the most variety in terms of interest sparking topics. In other words, we bring a breath of fresh air to MUN conferences. The best part is that we offer these advantages at an extremely low comparative price for the services we offer.

7. How should delegates get ready for the conference? Do you think only reading the study guide is enough to represent a country in such a prestigious conference?

CAKAMUN ’19: Our study guides will be prepared in a very detailed and accurate manner, which will provide the minimum necessary preparation for participants. However, for an even more enjoyable experience, we recommend that participants also do extra research on their own. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this research process, feel free to email us at

8. We also would like to know more details about your social activities and MUN party. What kind of social activities will there be in CAKAMUN’19?

CAKAMUN ’19: For activities, we are planning one classic event centred around social dining. However, we have another additional event this year called the CAKACrawl. It’s exciting and extremely fun, but you’ll have to be there to see for yourself!!

9. As you know, we have started a new project named MUNFashion! We are curious about the dress code. Could you please briefly inform us about the dress code of the conference? Furthermore, what else can you say about the fashion of MUN?

CAKAMUN ’19: Our dress code is business attire. The fashion practices of MUN are a key quality of personal development for us as a youth and as participants. Getting used to professional attire and self conduct will benefit us greatly in our future business prospects.

10. Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

CAKAMUN ’19: As CAKAMUN, we believe that initiatives like play a key role in the successful execution of MUN conferences. In this partnership, while MUN conferences like us need to deliver the promises we make in our promotional content, adequate marketing processes of public domains are also necessary for MUN to succeed.



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