What should be the responsibilities of advisors according to the delegates? by Irmak OKUR

What should be the responsibilities of advisors according to the delegates?

Before writing this article I talked to many people that had MUN experience as a delegate. I asked their personal and professional delegates’ opinion and it made me so satisfied to observe that most of these people expect more or less the same behaviour from their advisor. I hope this article would help everyone that wants to be a fantastic advisor that cares about delegates’ opinion.

Before Conference

1-Knowledge of MUN and Global Issues

  • An advisor should have information about MUN phrases. At least you should be able to teach the basic ones, such as motion, point, etc. to your delegates who are not into MUN concept.
  • Delegates may have questions or might need your help about the committee’s agenda. Following global issues and developments is a congruous decision to be able to help them.

2-Preparing your Delegates

  • MUN Conferences demand your time and attention. Your delegates need a preparation such as learning MUN phrases, reading their Study Guides, searching their topics, writing their papers (opening speech, position paper, resolution paper etc.) and advisors should assist them in this process. Help them when they are in need but do not exaggerate it. For example, writing resolution papers for your delegates is not acceptable. Instead of doing that, teaching them how to write a resolution paper will be a responsible act.
  • Arranging debates before the actual MUN conference will improve their skills on critical thinking, public speaking and researching. It will also make them more get used to MUN environment.


During Sessions

1-Taking Feedback and Communication

  • It is crucial to keep in touch with your delegates. They might have an issue or a wish, just listen to them and consider it’s feasible. Take care with them, no one wants to feel abandoned especially in a new environment.
  • It is perfectly okay to make your delegates feel protected but try not to bore them. It is unpleasant to know that someone is watching every step that you take and you may be judged your actions. Only advise them if you notice anything urgent, unpleasant or inappropriate during the conference. Boring them may cause a distraction, dissatisfaction and lack of productivity. Let them learn their own way and have fun at the same time.


2- Giving Morale Support

  • Your delegates may lose their confidence or attention from time to time. It should be noted that it is important to give motivational speeches to your group in order to keep morale high. Do not forget that debating is all about knowledge and confidence.
  • Dialogues are critical. If you see a delegate who is uncomfortable just talk to them and see if the problem is resolvable. Sometimes people may dramatize events when they are under pressure.

3-To Understand That They Want to Have Fun

  • Of course, MUN is a formal, serious and disciplined activity to make people gain certain skills for better debating and communication but do not force your delegates too hard. Let them have fun, make friends and attend social events. People cannot always work, right?


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