Why is MUN that important? by Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ

Why is MUN that important? by Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ

When we started to high school, we all changed. We had lots of new ideas; even our vision of the world was changed. After all, some of us had started to searching to a place that they can express their newest ideas, and they wanted to change when they see the world as crystal clear. Well, MUN was the place that they were looking for.
After that searching period, we started to seek MUNs to attend. But you or your family may question that: Why MUN is that important? Why you should attend those conferences?
Here are some answers.


1) MUN is a perfect way to improve your language skills.

This clause is a well-known reason to attend the MUN conferences, but it’s the most important one. When you attend a conference, every session will teach you something. For example, because of the resolution papers, you’ll learn tons of new words and patterns that you can even use in your real life, and it’s an amazing way to exercise on your writing skills. Or, while everyone is speaking in a formal way, you will be able to learn lots of new words from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother language or a foreign language, but you will leave there with a new way of speaking.


2) Those conferences may provide you with the thing that you’ve been seeking: freedom!

Generally, no one born with an extraordinary level of self-confidence. So, you may be a shy person or scared to express your ideas. But, in general, MUNs are the place that creates an environment which provides you freedom, self-confidence and a chance to escape from your shyness. Even if you aren’t a shy person, you will have the chance of being yourself. I mean, you will create the best version of you. Perfect, isn’t it?

3-) Who may regret the socializing part of MUNs?

Especially if you are an individual delegate, you will be able to meet with tens of new people. I always attended the MUNs as an individual delegate, and I can say that; you won’t lose the things that you gained from the persons you’ve met. You will be stressed with them, laugh with them, and the friendships that you had in the conferences will always be with you. You can even meet with your best friend at a conference.


4-) One more certificate that you can add to your CV.

After all, you will need to prepare a CV in order to find a job. In the last decades, being a social person and having good language skills are the things that are asked from the hirers. Having some MUN certificates may certify that you have some social skills and you have the ability to speak in a formal way, even in a foreign language. I mean, you may be one step ahead from others who apply to the same job. It’s not the only thing that is needed, but one of the most important ones.

We can write lots of reasons like that list, but bear in mind; you will never be able to understand that amazing environment as long as you don’t attend at least one conference. What are you waiting for?


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