10 Things Every Delegate Should Do in the First Session by Irmak Okur

10 Things Every Delegate Should Do in the First Session


1- Observe the Committee Environment

Before taking an action it is wise to just to stop and see what happens on that session. To act properly, we should consider the environment that we are in at that current time and location. Especially observing people is the key element. Focus on their intention and aims during the conference. The way they talk and look may give you hints about people in general.


2- Adopt your Chair’s Approach -Know your Chair

Every Chairperson has a unique way to approach to delegates. Your Chairperson’s style may change with some elements such as age, goals, experience and delegates. Your Chair may be a cool, understanding and energetic person who is the funniest person you have ever seen or a serious, business-like college student who only cares about academic purposes and enjoys searching about issues such as History of Mexican Politics etc. You never know what kind of person you will see on the board. An important reminding that whatever happens, do NOT provoke and argue with your Chair. Someone who dislikes you on the board is never a good thing.


3- Actually Listen to Other Delegates’ Speech

While other delegates are making their speeches sometimes we lose our attention and get distracted. Well, don’t. Listen to what they say. Pay attention to their words, gesture, their point of view to a certain topic. Don’t exaggerate either. You don’t have to take notes or memorize them, just have an eye on it.


4- Do not Put all your Cards to the Table at the First Session

First of all have a plan, a strategy for debating and don’t reveal them in the first session of your committee. My personal advice is to be confident, smart, sincere and a little mysterious. Try to politely avoid exposing your next step. By doing that you don’t have to worry about unwanted interrupts. For example, if you have a resolution paper, don’t tell people that you have one until you need it.


5- Get to Know Other Delegates and Staff

 You cannot easily forget the people you meet in the first place. Most of MUN alliances and friendships start from the beginning. Don’t wait for people to introduce themselves to you, just go and say hi.


6- Remember that it is Far Too Soon for Rivalries

It is not hard to find yourselves in a conflict because of all that competitive environment. Debating is essential but you should avoid being argumentative. Especially in the first session, stay away from all kind of arguments, conflicts and adventurous debates – unfortunately.


7- Avoid to Draw Unnecessary Attention

This advice could be the most important one in this article. If you don’t want to see an alliance against you, do NOT draw unnecessary attention in the first session. Talking about your big next step always makes you a target. Be cool, blend into the crowd and avoid to talk about your intentions.


8- What Happens in There Stays There

In that conference, there is going to be a lot of problems and the solution is debating. After that much of debate, you might feel a little offended. What happens in there stays there. Maybe you had an intense debate with USA delegate but that doesn’t mean you cannot talk to that person in the coffee break. Always remember that you are a representative of your honourable country just in session hours. Be yourself in the other times.


9- Be Confident and Approachable

 A lot of people feels anxious in the first session of their committee, even experienced delegates. It is completely okay to feel like that. If you are well-prepared there is no problem that you should feel bad about. Do your research, be confident and don’t worry. Being confident is essential but don’t be a snob. If you look like a smart aleck, people will avoid you. This is a fact. You might have great debating skills or a perfect English but do your best to be sincere and humble.


10- They Are You but More Pretentious (Fake it ‘till you make it?)

When you go out there you may be surprised by everyone confidence and self-belief. Let me give a secret, most of those people are just showing off. Everyone looks confident but they are anxious inside. They are not better or worse than you, they are just like you. Go and talk to them. You will understand what I say.


Bonus- Don’t be Late!

Believe me, you don’t want to be late for your first session. Be on there on time, you will have less concern.

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