What are the EU and EUROsimA ? Review Article by Bersu Cengizoğlu


I would like to talk about a conference I attended in April. The name of this conference is EUROSIMA and organized by METU. As the name implies, there is no UN in it because this conference is a European Union simulation.

Before I mention you about EUROSIMA, I would like to talk a little about the European Union.
The European Union is a unified trade and monetary body of 28 member countries. Its purpose is to be more competitive in the global marketplace. At the same time, it must balance the needs of its independent fiscal and political members.  Well now I want to talk about some more interesting things after the information we can find on this boring internet!

Despite the divergence of opinions and occasional crises in the news among the Member States, in fact, far from the cameras, the EU is a remarkable success story. The EU has provided peace and prosperity in Europe for only half a century, has created a single European currency (the Euro), and has brought to the unlimited ‘single market’ market, where the capital, services, and goods move freely.

The European Union owes its extraordinary performance to its success. The European Union is unusual because it is neither a federation like the United States nor a business association between governments similar to the United Nations. The European Union is actually unique. The Member States that make up the EU remain independent, sovereign nations, but they bring their sovereignty together to gain the power and influence they can not have in the world. Putting together sovereignties means, in practice, that they transfer some of the decision-making powers to the collective institutions they jointly form together in order to democratically take decisions at the European level in decisions of mutual benefit.

That’s exactly what we did at this conference. EUROSIMA which lasted 4 days was one of the best conferences I attended. They are just some key differences such as the final document drafting but the rest is same as other MUN conference you attended in terms of Rules of Procedures. The European Union is a somewhat complicated system, but the committee that I have found, the EU general affairs council, has taken it and has found enormous solutions on it.

First of all, they tell you everything in the workshop and the whole team is made up of friendly and successful people and the committee of directors should not be forgotten. Especially our USG, Ali Demir, whom you have heard before, but he can be the most successful person I have ever met.
This conference taught me what was happening in Europe and broadened my perspective. I would like to keep this post longer but I don’t want to be boring.

Consequently, I would definitely recommend participating in a European Union simulation and I think that EuroSima is the best for this 🙂


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