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Hello readers! My name is İlkyaz Deniz Bilgiç; I study Psychology at Middle East Technical University, and this year, I carry the duty of being the Secretary-General for EUROsimA 2020. In this article, I will try to give a brief introduction and overview regarding our conference, while answering some questions.

  1. What is EUROsimA?

European Union Simulation in Ankara (EUROsimA), which will celebrate its 16th year in its 2020 edition, is a role-play Model European Union conference for high school and university students with ages between 13-25. Each year in EUROsimA, a total of 250 delegates gather to discuss European politics while being allocated to one committee and one position where they are expected to act as if they are the real representatives of the EU. We are extremely honored to define ourselves as the one and only Model European Union Simulation in Turkey, plus, it is also acknowledged by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate for EU Affairs each year and partnered by various institutions. Each year EUROsimA simulates a total of 6 committees which are directly originated from the real European Union Institutions with at least 2 special committees. While regular committees concentrate on the current problems, our special committees generally focus on the history and the future of the European Union Member States. This year the list of committees that our conference will simulate are as follows:

  1. European Parliament,
  2. European Council,
  3. European Union Military Committee,
  4. Group of States Against Corruption,
  5. House of Commons,
  6. Historical Joint Crisis Cabinet: The Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989-1990)

As you’ve already read, we will be simulating our 16th edition this year, which gives us a tremendous responsibility to maintain and advance our predecessors’ legacy. Each year, we try to learn from our mistakes, and with the help of our ever-growing experience, we aspire to come up with a conference that is fulfilling in both academic and organizational matters.


  1. Is it affiliated with METU & MUNA?

Since its first edition, EUROsimA has always been organized under the umbrella and supervision of Foreign Policy and International Relations Club (FPIRC), where it stands as one of 5 sub-areas that FPIRC accommodates. Our club has been officially known and registered by Middle East Technical University since 1992. Besides EUROsimA, our club also hosts METU Model United Nations Team (METUMUN), semi-annual magazine Hariciye, monthly newspaper News Report and Conference Team. Our conference is %100 affiliated with METU, and both our academic & organization members are mostly being chosen from FPIRC members. Meanwhile, the Model United Nations Association is a different establishment than us. They annually organize EuroAsia and MUNTR, it must be stated that: neither our team nor conferences are affiliated. So, the answer is yes for METU and no for MUNA.

  1. Who can attend EUROsimA?

EUROsimA welcomes each and every student who is between the appropriate age range and still studying in an institution (high school, university). You might apply as an individual delegate or with a delegation. We highly recommend our underage participants to apply with a delegation since their chances of being approved by the Secretariat increases. We do not require any previous MUN or MEU experiences, and first-timers can also apply. But since we receive more applications than our quota every year, we give priority to the students or delegations with previous experience. If you are interested in the mechanisms and institutions of the European Union, have knowledge on Rules of Procedure, and most importantly- would like to experience the unmatched atmosphere of METU, go ahead and apply!

(EUROsimA 2019, European Parliament)
  1. What rules of procedure does EUROsimA follow?

When I talk to our prospective participants, this is one of the most popular questions I receive. Participants mostly tend to think that our Rules of Procedure is totally different from what they have competency in other regular MUN conferences, but it is not really that different. Besides this year’s 3 committees where we will be applying a different Rules of Procedure: European Parliament, House of Commons and Historical JCC: The Fall of Berlin Wall, our other committees will be applying the regular ROP that we know from MUN conferences. But there are still some exceptions that I need to remark since it is a Model European Union Simulation.

We are trying to adapt the real proceedings of EU institutions fully, so the final document of each committee is different. For example, while the representatives in European Council will try to form a final ‘’Conclusion’’ delegates in GRECO will form a ‘’Report’’. Each year, we write down the names and formats of the final documents each committee will format in our Rules of Procedure- which is published on our website before the conference each year. Make sure that you’ve carefully read and understood the special proceeding of the committee that you’re allocated in!

  1. How do you choose your academic and organization team members?

Each year, in August, we open our Academic and Organisation team applications. These application forms are prepared to assess each prospective member’s competency as well as their motivation. For the Academic Team application, there are questions that you have to answer with your current MUN&EU knowledge and previous experiences; for Organisation Team, we have some questions that will let us explore your organizational skills, such as time-management, your sense of responsibility, etc. We give priority to METU students, but do never hesitate to apply! Lastly, Both of our application forms include questions that will assess your social skills. Because in our team, we do not only value the academic quality of our team members but also their happiness during the process. This enables us to call ourselves a ‘’family’’ after all!

  1. Is EUROsimA different than MUN conferences?

Yes, it is! It is the only conference where you can experience the atmosphere of being a delegate in a committee that carries the rules and values of the European Union. This year, we tried to choose our 6 committees exclusively for presenting an unforgettable experience for our participants. Each committee attracts the attention of our participants from different tastes, turning its spotlight on economic, martial, ethical, judiciary, social, and, most importantly, all up-to-date and relevant problems for our delegates to debate.

You might be a delegate, representing your party with a placard with your surname on it (Yes, it’s true!) in European Parliament, or be ahead of government (Yes, you can role-play Merkel or Macron!) in European Council, a General or Lieutenant in European Union Military Committee, a representative in GRECO, member of the parliament (MP) in House of Commons or a Minister in our Historical JCC committee. Combined with our carefully prepared and well-thought organization, you will feel the privilege of being a delegate in EUROsimA 2020. When the conference is over, you will not be just any delegate anymore, but a Eurocrat.

  1. Are there international participants in EUROsimA?

Yes, we have! Although our number of international participants was way higher in the past, due to the current economy and the situation of currencies, their numbers have decreased. But, we still invite all international delegations from all over the world and receive their applications each year as a delegate, delegation or as a board member. Since our home, METU is a university that adopts English as its educational language, our foreign participants never had any hardships during their stay with us. We also offer a special pre-conference trip for our international participants (on request). Plus, our conference is partnered by two great MEU conferences this year, Model European Union Strasbourg (MEUS) and MEU Netherlands. So, if you are an international MUNer/MEUer reading this article, please do not hesitate to apply!

  1. Top 3 reasons to attend EUROsimA

If you’ve read until this point, it means that we’ve caught your attention, huh? I would like to elaborate on the reasons why you should attend EUROsimA 2020 further!

*Unique Committees & Special Themes

No matter which experience level you are on, be a first-timer, or a 10th-timer, you will feel the academic quality of our debates. EUROsimA 2020 presents you with an excellent opportunity to delegate, represent, or moderate the committees you’ve always dreamed of. While our House of Commons committee will take you to 2021 and give you a chance to rebuilt UK’s future, our Historical JCC committee will take you back in 1989 and let you relive the chaotic times! Our Academic Team is working tirelessly to create a realistic atmosphere for you!

*Professionally Prepared Academic Content

Most of the time, it is very hard to start preparing yourself for a committee. You don’t know where to start or what to do. No worries, we are here to cover you! Each year, our Academic Team prepares a 60-pages long Study Guide for each committee– exclusively written for its delegates. It includes fundamental & thorough explanations upon the specific agenda item, to serve its participants an adequate starting point. EUROsimA is a conference that is also known for its high quality of Study Guides, which will again prove itself for its 16th edition!




*A-mazing Organisation & Great Fun!

Both during and after a long day of debates, our Organisation team will do their best to create a relaxing and satisfactory environment for you! You’ll eat, drink and play well-thought games during coffee breaks; in the evening, no matter which age you are, you’ll have fun with specially prepared social events for you! Non-stop fun is waiting! Also, we care about you. From the moment you submit your application until the time you take the last shuttle towards your home, our Organisation and Academic team will take care of you specially. We always try to maintain our professionalism in-and-out in every single aspect of our conference. Whenever you have a problem, you don’t have to hesitate because you’ll always be welcomed with a wide smile & helpful manner!

  1. Tips for the first-timer participants of EUROsimA

If you are first-timer, no worries! We are here to teach you things, not underestimating your potential! Most importantly, be WELL prepared before the conference, both materially and mentally! Thoroughly read your study guide & rules of procedure, if you don’t understand anything you may always send you USG or me an e-mail! During the conference, excite yourself up, take a deep breath, and let yourself flow :’) If you have done your preparation right, nothing will stop your potential! Keep placards up and hesitations down!

In conclusion, EUROsimA 2020 will be an unmatched experience, and we welcome everyone eager to take part! If you would like to experience this great journey, our applications are still open! You may apply via And if you have any questions, you may always contact us via Take care & stay healthy!

Officiall Webiste of EUROsimA

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