Standing Up in Crowded Committees! Written by Selin AYAZ!

Standing Up in Crowded Committees! Written by Selin AYAZ!

Standing Up in Crowded Committees! Written by Selin AYAZ! Let’s be clear at some point, crowded committees are the worst nightmares to some of us. It is hard to get recognized, it’s hard to be heard and it’s really hard to get remembered or at least catch the interest of other delegates or the committee board. I have participated in General Assembly committees that had over 70 participants, I’m certain that you have participated in them as well, and let’s be honest we all know what it feels like to hold your placard up for 15 minutes and not be chosen. Of course, there were some specific points that helped me get the spotlight on me, and as a committee director there were certain behaviours that caught my attention, and I am more than happy to share them with you right now.

1. Position papers
No matter what anyone says, position papers hold great necessity for the first impression the committee directors will have about you. The words you use, the structure of the sentences and the kind of information you give is really important for the kind of image you want to create. So by this means, I can say that a well-written position paper will most certainly make the directors recognize your effort and you, as a whole.

2. Opening speeches
In many cases, these speeches are being underestimated by most people. However, as a committee director, what catches my attention first about a delegate is related to their opening speeches. The tip and advice upon this point are to write a diverse and disparate speech. We all know the topic, we all know the committee and we all know you’re honoured to participate in this conference. But what else? Be aggressive (of course this depends on the agenda and the committee), inspirational and most certainly, different from the others. Just be careful to not get too quirky.

3. Dress code
This section is underrated, in my opinion. No matter what anyone says the way you dress and look is an undeniably effective way to catch attention. I know most conferences have a dress code depending on the western business style, but in special committees, as you know you may dress as you like. And you don’t have to dress boring just because there is a dress code! Be creative, sparkle and shine, and even wear traditional clothes of the country you’re representing, obviously if it’s not prohibited.

4. The behaviour
Your behaviour, lads, is, in fact, the most important thing that represents you in the committee. This section consists of the way you speak in caucuses and the way you act in the house. My opinion is, depending on the committee and the country, you can be aggressive on many occasions but remembering not to get too angry or offensive. Make inspirational speeches, entertain quotes from movies or books or people that you admire, make accents and so on! But no matter what you do, I always advise you to be friendly to other delegates in the committee, since I’ve had many friends who have lost awards because of them being unfriendly and too aggressive. Also, in my humble opinion, confidence is the key to make the most influent speeches. In my first conference I remember myself shaking while speaking and it’s absolutely normal to be excited, but keep that in mind that nobody will laugh at you because of the way you talk. I needed somebody to say that to me and it’s really important for you to hear that from somebody too. Be aware of who you are and believe in yourself!

5. Quantity& Quality
Being active in the committee is necessary if you want to stand up. But you should know that being only active may not work all the time. The important thing is to set the balance between the number of your speeches and the content of them. If you’re saying the same things over and over again it just will not work in the way you want it to be. And obviously, the points your speech cover are absolutely important. Once again, we all know this issue is really important and we need to take precautions but where is the solution? Even if you do not have one in mind, try to find different ways to emphasize your thoughts on the issue.

6. The Unmods
Unmods may be the worst part of the MUN for some of us, but in my opinion, it’s the most exciting part of it. Getting to know policies in an informal way is really enjoyable, but of course, forming a block or being a part of one is really hard. I believe that the key to being listened to during an unmoderated caucus is to network. You can do it in coffee breaks, you can do it in the formal sessions with message papers or even in the socials if you want! Be friendly and use your words wisely, then you will see delegates coming to you with their solutions and opinions.

Lastly, no matter what happens, remember to have fun! Every conference is a chance for you to outdo yourself. Do not lose hope and just try to cross your limits… I can most certainly tell you that each conference is going to be a story you will be able to tell.

Selin Ayaz
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