Special Interview with Secretary General of SANMUN’18: Burak BARLAS

Special Interview with Secretary General of SANMUN’18: Burak BARLAS

1- Hello SANMUN 2018 Team, Could you please tell us more about Academic and Organization Team Members?

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Burak Barlas and I am the Secretary General of SANMUN’18. We were very demanding while choosing teams. Our priority was to experience. Our academic team occurs from very knowledgeable members. They have the role same as the brain in the human body. Their task is an audit and it’s very important. On the other hand, our Organization Team is very extrovert. They know how to communicate with people. This is an important issue because communication is the key to relationships. Our members of Organization Team are well accoutered about it.

2- Could you please tell about more Gaziantep and the most beautiful places to visit? Especially we would like to hear more about the famous food of Gaziantep?

Gaziantep is the 8th most crowded city in Turkey. The history of Gaziantep endures to the 12th century. Gaziantep lived the Independence War of Turkey. For this reason, the Castle of Gaziantep is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Gaziantep’s cuisine secured by UNESCO, and Turkey’s first cuisine museum is in the Gaziantep. We have very traditional foods. Because of that, we are not able to indicate the most famous food. However, Gaziantep’s ‘Baklava’ is a world-known desert. Also, Gaziantep pistachios are pretty famous and are exported to the world.

3. We are all excited to learn about your MUN career and MUN Club. How did you start? Is there someone special who guided you into the MUN world? How did your career start? How many students are there in your MUN Club? How do you choose your members for MUN Club? Is it open for everyone?

2018 is the 4th year of our MUN Club. Peter Barker, he was an English teacher, brought MUN to our school. Once he gave me a letter and it was about MUN. When I read it, I decided to start my MUN career. After that, we went to our first conference. We were very excited and surprised because everything was mesmerizing. Today we have 22 people in our club. We are choosing them by their general-knowledge, English level and debate talents. These 3 are very important for MUN.

4. SANMUN 2018 Team, what kind of things will the advisors attending SANMUN 2018 have? For example, do you have any rooms for advisors or any trips arranged for advisors?

In SANMUN’18 advisors will have a special room. We have a special trip for advisors and length will be half-day. For us, advisors are very valuable and we will try our best to make them glad.

5. Why people should attend SANMUN 2018?

SANMUN’18 is the first MUN conference in Southeastern Anatolia. This is very honourable but this honour brings responsibilities. For our responsibilities, we are working very hard. Hard working brings success and while succeeding our biggest goal is to share this happiness with everyone. I guaranteed that no one will be regretful after SANMUN’18. We opened our doors to everyone.

6. Except MUN, members of would like to know you more. Could you please mention your favourite Movies, Tv Series, Bands and Foods?

I’m following just one Tv series, the Vikings. The History of Scandinavia impresses me all the time. My favourite movie is Godfather Part 2 because it shows every type of family. They are giving very good messages, too. Commodores is my favourite band. Vintage music is very valuable for me. They give more attention to their art. We have a food called ‘Beyran’ and it’s totally my favourite.

7. What do you think about

We are very thankful for Their purpose is very considerate. MUN is improving every general skill of a person. So being a part of this amazing organization makes me feel honourable. All in all, helps very much about self-improvement of every student.

Best Regards,
Burak Barlas
Secretary-General of SANMUN’18

Here you can apply to SANMUN’18

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