MODEL UNITED NATIONS Friendship Written by Bersu CENGİZOĞLU. Hello everyone, I will introduce myself briefly  I am Bersu Cengizoğlu and I’m the new writer of so from now on, you are with me and with interesting articles 😀 Let’s start…

First of all, I want to talk about how Model United Nations started my adventure; an adventure that started on the help and support of a friend I love so much, that she continues to add something new to her that I learn from her. It was an incredible feeling to make politics, solve world problems and feel like making important decisions for the moment.

I love this job because making politics, improving the world, solving conflicts among the society that I am in … Some of you may not like them, but they will improve you in every sense. Now your mind may come up asking how they will develop me…, but I’ll tell you right away

That’s why I want to talk about friendships we have established in the model united nations. Everyone you meet with Conference gives you something, even if you do not realize it. Actually, it is bilateral, you meet a lot of people, learn new things and most importantly you are in the same environment with different cultures. Creating this environment is normally difficult, but here’s the model united nations conference that can do it and that’s why I love it.

You have a lot of ideas in both academic and cultural sense, which seems to be quite similar to the word “developing” I mentioned at the beginning of the article

Model United Nations conference; a conference that allows you to have strong friendships, your ability to use your language, have a close relationship with social issues and have funny and beautiful memories. The most important is that you can feel yourself in ”House Of Cards” 😀

Well, It’s great that you still talk to your friends you met at MUN conferences because the people you met like turning points of your life. You ask why…

Because it is a great plus to meet again at other conferences with those you have met and to continue to meet in your normal life . Especially for your future career as well as your social life.


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