What are the Duties of Admins in MUN Conferences by Mert KARAÇAM

What are the Duties of Admins in MUN Conferences by Mert KARAÇAM

Duties of Admins! I’m pretty sure you all have seen those devoted people running around the halls, carrying stuff or basically just trying to catch their breath. They are the Admins! Admins are the touchstones of every successful organization, MUNs being no exception. Without them, it would be impossible to conduct even just one committee, and contrary to the common belief being an Admin is not easy as you have to acquire certain skills to be an Admin.

Firstly, you have to be organized, brisk and punctual. You should be calm under pressure for the reason that a crisis may occur during the conference no matter how well-established your conference is. You need to be a good communicator because one admin can fill the coffee machine, two admins can carry the tables around, but three admins can save the day! Hence, admins should be collaborators, which leads us to the last skill they need to obtain. They need to be team players.

Admins are stronger together and their most valuable skill is to be able to communicate with each other and taking care of all the things they need to do. If you believe that you have all of these skills than that means that you are cut out to be an Admin!

But why do you need those skills? The best way to answer this question is to explain the Admins duties. Admins have many duties such as;

1- Making sure everything is ready for committees to proceed

If we consider the Admins who are responsible from the committees they start the day by handing out note papers and placing placards. After they make sure of everything is in order, they serve in the committee rooms all day long in order to exchange the delegate’s message papers and assist the committee board as well as guarding the committee rooms.

2- Cleaning up

If we consider the Admins who are serving “on the field” they are generally the first to come and last to leave the venues chosen for the organization to take place. They start the day by making sure everything is in order, everywhere is clean, tea and coffee machines are plugged-in and filled with water so that the rest of the conference can kick-start the day. And if we consider the Committee Admins as they are responsible for their committees, they are obliged to make sure everywhere is clean and in order as well.

3- Making sure delegates’ needs are met

Checking if the cookie plates are full, bringing the bottle of water that they need and issuing launch tickets are just the three most basic examples to things Admins do to meet delegate’s needs. They are running around before, during and even after the conference just for all the delegates to have the best experience that is possible.

Even though these are some simple duties that they have to fulfil, it would be unjust to say that admins have a number of duties.

It is impossible to predict what can go wrong or what may be needed before, during or after the conference, therefore, Admins can face many challenges and may have to do more than what is written in their position description.

That is why if the ones don’t have these skills, being an Admin would be nothing more than a nightmare. Therefore, while choosing our positions we should not only consider our interests but also out skills and choose wisely.

To sum it all up;

Admins are the true backstage heroes, just like the minions. They are hard-working, selfless and vivid. Being and Admins is not as easy as it seems from outside since they are required to do many things and therefore they are expected to be versatile. While choosing our positions we should consider the duties Admins are expected to carry out and act accordingly. The things that it takes to be an Admin cannot be underestimated, and they deserve all the appreciation they receive!


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