LEVIATHAN’19 – 10 Questions & 10 Answers

  1. When and where will the LEVIATHAN’19 happen?

24 – 27 June 2019, in Kariyer Mimarı Okulları – Maltepe

  1. How much is the fee for the conference?

170 Turkish Liras until the 19th of May, 180 Turkish Liras between 19 May – 8 June

  1. How many participants will there be at the LEVIATHAN’19?

Around 200

  1. How long will the conference last?

4 Days (24, 25, 26, 27 June)

  1. Is accommodation included in the fee?

Unfortunately not, accommodation details will be provided separately. Expect between 70 – 100 Turkish Liras accommodation fee per person per night

  1. To what airport should I fly to when coming to LEVIATHAN’19?

Sabiha Gökçen Airport

  1. What are the committees and agenda?

LEVIATHAN is unique as it has a single agenda: World War I – All committees are participant nations in World War I and the conference progresses simultaneously like an 11-cabinet JCC

  1. What are three MUST SEE places in İstanbul around the venue?

Kadıköy, obviously :3

Moda Park, where you might casually stroll into our Head of Crisis

And Maltepe Seaside, in case you want to relax a bit after using mustard gas in Belgium

  1. What is the application deadline for the conference?

19th of May for Regular Apps, 8th of June for Late Apps

  1. How do I learn more about the conference?

Visit, mail us at or look for us on Instagram @leviathan19.

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