MUNs You Should Be A Part Of Before You Die by Eda YILDIZ

MUNs You Should Be A Part Of Before You Die

I would like to say that I’ve been a part of many MUNs before I had to “retire”. And I believe, there are some that you should definitely go to before you die. Obviously, this list is based on my experiences and I haven’t been to every single MUN in Turkey, so if some conferences you think are remarkable are missing, it might be because I haven’t been to them.


One of the, if not the, longest running conferences in Turkey, MUNDP of The Koç School is a conference I believe every MUNer should attend at least once. Being one of the most qualified conferences I have ever been to, I definitely recommend it. Hardworking delegates, very experienced chairs, professional academic and organization team, international participants and more.


Just like MUNDP, RCIMUN is also one of the longest-running conferences as well. Having some of the most experienced MUNers in Turkey as chairs, academic and organization team members, of course, gives some class to this MUN. It is one of the few conferences left which, delegates are there to actually debate and not just to attend to the social events.


The first two conferences I’ve mentioned are listed because of their professionality and quality overall. IIMUN, on the other hand, is a great conference on both ends, quality and family wise. Although MUNDP and RCIMUN are the best at the game, they always feel a little cold. IIMUN is a conference where you can both have fun and actually debate and talk about serious world matters. I’ve made many close friends there and still think it had amazing quality.


Just like IIMUN, DŞMUN is also a conference that feels like home to me. The friendships DŞMUN has given are like no other. And the fact that they don’t have many special committees just upsets me because I’ve been to their Historical Committee and it was the best Historical Committee I’ve ever attended.


I remember bursting into tears at the closing ceremony of KALMUN 2017. It was the most fun conference I ever attended. It also gave me the opportunity to meet such great people and good MUNers. I was so upset about it being over that I literally cried all the way to home. KALMUN is truly a family conference, it feels like a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day. You never forget your first KALMUN.


And last but not least, SOBİLMUN. SOBİLMUN is most possibly the only conference that doesn’t judge its participants by their school. I go to a public high school and even though you have to get 485 points in order to be a student there, their English education is nowhere near enough. So, I get very frustrated when somebody, whom I know has less experience than I do, gets a better position just because their school is better. I did not receive such a treatment in SOBİLMUN. I was assigned Donald Trump and I rocked at that. Not to brag about it but I remember going to BAAL for some business, and people I haven’t met before knew me because of how good I performed (and maybe acted a little bit) as Trump. So, yes. I can talk about SOBİLMUN for days.



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